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TFD Services - Mediation

Mediation, also known as Dispute Resolution, is a facilitated service to assist two or more parties to obtain mutual agreement relating to a presenting conflict. Conflict can occur in any settings, to which mediation provides a safe and focused tool to establish communication and resolve the conflict.

Mediations are managed with respect and confidentiality to all parties involved.

Our specialised mediation services address both workplace disputes and family matters.

Workplace Dispute Resolution

When conflict arises in a workplace, the results can impact morale, performance, and overall productivity. Any impact on a workplace requires immediate attention. In many situations, the most effective tool is to engage an impartial, process driven mediator whose focus to drive the process to ensure the concerns are identified and all parties involved to each a suitable resolution.

Mediation can occur between peers or involving levels of management, internally within a company. Externally, Mediation can successfully address conflict between organisations or projects.

Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a facilitated process to assist separated couples to identify and resolve concerns pertaining to child/ren and/or the division of joint assets.

When separation occurs, making arrangements related to when children will spend time with each parent, or the division of assets, can be difficult. In many situations, agreements can be made independently, however when this is not possible mediation can be the tool to resolve conflict before it escalates.

TFD services can assist you in these matters.

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