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TFD Services provides both Employee Assistance Services and Workplace Training to meet the individual needs of the business.

TFD Services - Workplace Services and Training

Employee Assistance Services

TFD Services supports work / life balance. How an individual is coping both within the workplace and in their private lives, can have significant impacts on overall performance in their role, duties and employment satisfaction. Significant research has occurred in recent years which highlights the correlation between individual coping and mental health, to employee performance. Increased performance results in increase profitability for an organisation.

Employee Assistance Services incorporate a range of services which the employer engages with TFD Services to provide to their staff as required. Employees Assistance Services includes the provision of a number of sessions to employees to utilise at their discretion to address concerns that are related to matters either within the workplace or in the employees home life.

Concerns associated with the workplace can include:

  • Coping and Stress Management
  • Workplace dynamics with peers and management
  • Perceived bullying and/or harassment
  • Conflict with peers or management
  • Managing difficult personalities
  • Emotional impact of injury
  • Manager Assist

Concerns outside the workplace that can effect performance include:

  • Relationship changes or breakdown
  • Health matters
  • Parenting strategies

Workplaces which strive to support employees through difficulties both in the workplace and external to the workplace, promote a healthy work environment which has direct results on moral, attendance, and job satisfaction.

Workplace Training
Training is a commitment to your staff and an essential element in any business to maintain staff performance at peak levels. Training is an ongoing commitment to your staff and their development. TFD Services recognises the importance of team building, and learning together. Our training packages are individualised to the needs of each business and targeted groups around identified topics.

Topical areas include:

  • ASD Training for Parents
  • ASD Training for Professionals
  • Communication
  • Workplace Dynamics
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building
  • Communication Frameworks

Talk to us today about how our services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business!

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