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Receivers of Thai massage experience relaxation throughout the body and absolute tranquility of the mind, some clients even, during the longer sessions, fall asleep at the end of which they are awake alert and refreshed

Thai Harmony Massage

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$300 for 5 hrs
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About Us

Regarded by many as the perfect massage, Thai Massage has its origins deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy. It is still taught and practised today at many Buddhist temples throughout Thailand. ln modern day Thailand, many of the Thais include Traditional Thai Massage as an essential part of their monthly routine. This is because Thai massage is used essentially as a form of maintenance to prevent pain, rather than as a means of curing it, even though expert Thai practitioners are able to treat chronic pain of all kinds. The Thais claim that regular Thai massage, as a result of the improved circulation it induces, can slow down the ageing process, especially the wrinkling of skin on different parts of the body.
Special Offer!!
Buy 3 hours for $180. That's a saving of $45

Also we specialise in Couples massage. Massage right next to your partner and share the experience.

Price List


Hot Aroma Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110
Oriental Foot Massage: 60 min $75
Oriental Face Massage: 60 min $75
Traditional Thai Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110
Balinese Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110

Patterson Lakes - Under New Management

Hot Aroma Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110
Oriental Foot Massage: 60 min $75
Oriental Face Massage: 60 min $75
Traditional Thai Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110
Balinese Massage: 60 min $75 / 90 min $110

Oriental Face Massage:
Oriental face massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which incorporates massage and acupressure techniques from Indian face massage, Japanese face massage, Chinese face massage and natural Face Lift massage. The fusion & these techniques works on the facial muscles, easing tension, smoothing away lines and increasing elasticity. (cleansing + scrub+ Face massage + Mask + Moisture)

Oriental Foot Massage
This massage is for feet and lower legs. Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deep relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements & Shiatsu, Reflexology and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment. Traditional Thai Foot massage as offered by our team includes the use & Traditional Thai foot massage stick as well as using palms, fingers, thumb and knuckles to work the feet.

Aroma Baby Massage:
Developing babies first language, touch, Aroma Baby massage helps to smooth the transition from womb to world, aid recovery, stimulate and soothe babies. Providing a technique, meditative interval for direct physical contact, affection and perfect preparation for coordinating movement and mobility.

Hot Aroma Massage:
Aroma Therapy is the therapeutic use & plant - derived, with warm Aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well being. It is something used in combination with massage and other therapies as part of a treatment approach which is good for someone who has never been massaged before.

Sport Massage:
Prevents Injuries. Prepare the body for athletics and to maintain it in optimal condition. Helps Athletes recover from workouts and Injury.

Swedish Massage:
The main purpose of full body Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. Swedish massage increases circulation without increasing heart load and tho stimulates the skin and nervous system while soothing the nerves at the same time.

Traditional Thai Massage:
This massage is Thai style that involves stretching and deep massage. No od is used to perform Thai Massage. This form of body work is usually performed on the floor and wears comfortable clothes which flows for easy movement. It is literally the ancient manner of massage. It helps relieve tension and is good for people who want to have strong pressure massage.

Balinese Massage:
Balinese Massage is a full body, deep tissue, holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and Aroma Therapy. It stimulates circulation, ease muscular and joint pain and brings a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation

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