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Feeling suffocated by the avalanche of bad news?  Get your energy back with the Breath Journey online.

Online Breath Journey Sessions

The endless pandemic bad news is like pouring water over your inner fire!  Re-kindle that fire with some online Breathwork - I call it the Breath Journey.  It's a one hour long Breathwork session with 15 mins either side for discussion.  And I don't just 'hold space' for you.  I actively help you through the journey to give you maximum healing benefit.   I use dynamic music and active coaching.  Fee $197.00 for 100 mins.

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Inspired Breath teaches breathwork practitioners powerful techniques for liberation from stress and anxiety. 

Learn conscious connected breath techniques that transform lives without the need for years of talk therapy.

This is robust, pragmatic work that is grounded in both theory and practice. In our courses you will learn the tools to shift limiting subconscious patterns, to access more joy and wholeness.

Many seekers are reaching for enlightenment and it is a worthy goal, but not if it’s used to deflect life’s painful curveballs.  There’s no need for all the spiritual bells and whistles to get in the way of main game – how to live a better day to day reality than you are now.


Want to know how breathwork helps ground you and make life sweeter? 

At INSPIRED BREATH we offer breathwork that you can use to improve your reality so you can stop trying to escape from it.

'The team found the session with Phil enjoyable and well facilitated. It was a positive team activity. The guided visualisation was lovely and relaxing. The breathwork was interesting, challenging for some and invigorating. The bioenergetics was fun, physically and mentally challenging, relieved tension, energised and shifted stagnant energy. We would recommend Phil as a facilitator of mindfulness, breathwork and bioenergetics. '

Danya Thompson, Brighter Futures Team, Bega Valley Shire Council

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