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Go beyond mindfulness meditation - try the Breath Journey. 

The Anxiety Solution - Go beyond the ordinary with Breathwork

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Birth trauma Anxiety Depression Trauma Stress management Shadow work

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Have you tried mindfulness meditation and found it really difficult or not that effective? Just sitting and meditating might not be the only solution to your stress, anxiety or depression. You could be still be sitting on a lot of difficult and painful emotions even after years of meditating.

Whilst meditation can be useful, there are many other ways to ‘be present’ and reduce stress. Walking, swimming, reading, breathing differently, even just traveling to a new and exciting place can make you feel more present.

Mindfulness can be very difficult to fully embrace if you are sitting on top of mountain of pent up emotional or nervous energy.

If you choose to take action to help clear your mind using a new fresh approach using breath, movement and sound, you will be rewarded with a feeling of being able to get through the day without having to always use mindfulness meditations to get results.

I used to be a meditator and it is a reasonably good technique for reducing levels of anxiety and nervous energy. However, I believe it cannot really dig down far enough to get to those deep underlying patterns. For example, hidden rage can be locked up in our nervous system from very early on in our lives - mindfulness meditation generally cannot get to these feelings.

What a little relief from anxiety? Try this.

Feeling tired and sleepy? Try the Brain Blaster breath for a few rounds (no more than 10). Three short sharp in-breaths through the nose, then one exhale through the mouth. This is SO simple but it is powerful. And, yes, it looks a little silly in public!

The next step...

If you really want to go deeper into finding those underlying causes of your anxiety, then I can offer you my one-on-one professional attention.

Take action now and believe in yourself.

Maybe you prefer going on retreat for a full immersion in a group experience… I offer transformative retreats in a rural setting.



3 Services

Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork Women's Health Men's Health
$220 Per session

Effective anxiety and depression management in Bega


1hr 30min
Structural Integration Remedial Massage Deep Tissue Massage Myofascial Release Therapy
$150 Per session

A deep tissue experience which is the next level beyond the massage.


  • Australian Breathwork Association Group Facilitator

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  • Australian Breathwork Association

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