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The Care Klinik

Linda Hunter

Bayswater WA 6053

Servicing area: Bayswater WA

The Care Klinik

What we do here at Care Klinik has a distinctive character. Peiec ® is a gem of its own that gives you choices for your life.

Alternate Health & Wellness Care Practitioner & Clinic

Let’s Get to Know Linda 

Linda is the oldest of two children, their family was well-traveled around New Zealand’s North Island until they finally settled in Plenty Bay. 

In 2006, she relocated to Western Australia to serve as a Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) Administrator in the construction and engineering sectors, and while she had the chance to work in Health and Safety in 2008, she was able to complete a Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety.

Until she moved to Peiec ® energy healing, Linda studied Emmett Therapies and became an Alternate Wellness and Care Practitioner to support those wanting to continue providing medications without drugs, relaxation, and recovery of resources on their own path.

Linda recently worked at Curtin University, where she was pleased to lend her administration expertise to provide the best experience for students and staff.

About The Care Klinik 

The Klinik is situated at Linda's house, a comfortable and loving place where you can rest and heal in a room for soothing yourself. 

Every appointment starts with a quick consultation before slowly moving through your active layers using Peiec ® and for people with physical pain or discomfort, advanced bodywork is done where appropriate.

Linda uses a wide variety of ethically produced essential oils, distributed (unless not requested), to facilitate security, nourishment and participation in every session. 


I just had an amazing video session with Linda. I could feel the energy in my head, pressure, and tingling. Feeling super chilled out and relaxed. Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight! In the lead, up to the call, my toddler began to calm down and during the session, she went to sleep. Hallelujah! After days of her whinging and not being able to go to sleep before 8 pm for a couple of nights - I am so grateful!!! Even my 5 year old wanted in and fell asleep on my bed straight after the session. Thank you!! I can’t wait for my next session. 
- Elaine Campbell 

A fantastic job, very professional and friendly, has taken away the pain and increased my range of movement so I can lift my arms above my head. It also has taken away my back pain. Highly recommend her. 
- Shirley Mews

Thank you, wonderful lady Linda, for taking such good and gentle care of me in my sessions with you. After working on me my shoulder pain disappeared without me realising it until you asked. In fact, after each session, I've been left feeling pain-free throughout my body and so much lighter in my body, mind and spirit. Thank you for guiding me so wisely and expertly as you released my inner turmoils. I feel much more peaceful, reassured and grounded. 
- Eva Tsolakis

Linda is a kind, caring and very experienced practitioner who has been a great help treating me and my anxious dog using peiec healing. I highly recommend Linda and I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.
- Jill Macdonald 

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