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The Real Affect

Alison Scott

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Becoming You By Getting Real With Yourself:

Emotion coaching can help you kickstart healthier relationships for life

Emotion Coaching by The Real Affect

Who Will Be Your Emotion Coach?

My name is Alison Scott and I am the principal of THE REAL AFFECT, an emotion coaching business that aims to help people manage painful emotions by connecting with the deepest parts of themselves. I wholeheartedly believe that real relating begins with yourself.  This means becoming aware of your physical sensations and experiencing the fullness of your emotional response.   

I know that getting real with yourself and others can be terrifying if you don’t feel safe inside. According to Maya Angelou, the American poet, "The ache for home lives in all of us; the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." I want to help you find the safety within yourself.

***Do you find it hard to get your emotional needs met?  Feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions and challenging relationships?  Unsure who to turn to for support?***


Accessible and affordable emotion coaching is now available to help you get into healthy relationship with yourself because life is an inside job.


Learn how to identify, understand and manage difficult emotions by reconnecting with the deepest parts of yourself.  Develop your emotional intelligence so that it becomes your best asset - helping you succeed in any relationship.


I am passionate about helping people learn to self-regulate so they can enhance their personal wellbeing and increase their satisfaction in relationships.  Move on in life with a renewed sense of confidence that comes from being able to handle yourself.


Maybe you're a parent struggling with your kids' demands, a partner finding emotional intimacy difficult, and adult experiencing a painful relationship with your own parents, or you're transitioning out of therapy and desire further support in life.  If so, then THE REAL AFFECT might be just what you need.


Get the emotional support you crave and the skills you need to cultivate healthy relationships for life!


My coaching style is humanistic and client-centred which is based on the work of renowned psychologist, Dr. Carl Rogers. I strongly believe that everyone has untapped capacities to solve their own problems if given a relationship with a warm, empathetic, accepting, and understanding listener. 


Why Getting Real With Yourself Is Important

By getting into healthy relationship with yourself, I can help you understand and embrace your emotional life. By getting real with yourself, I can teach how to better manage difficult emotions and thus experience more fulfilling relationships.

Getting really still and tuning into yourself, allowing whatever arises in your body, is the perfect way to start. This is where I will meet you, the safe place where I will guide you as you unfold in your own time and in your own way.


Book your appointment now so I can help you start to get real with yourself and build healthier relationships for life.


Qualification details

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (UTS)
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (UC)
Diploma of Counselling (AIPC)
P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) for Practitioners - Two-day workshop (Larissa Dann)
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training - Two-day workshop in suicide first aid (Lifeline)
P.E.T.(Parent Effectiveness Training) ; Advanced Empathy & Conflict Resolution Skills - Five-day workshop (Robert Pereira)
Narrative Therapy - Five-day workshop (Robert Pereira)

Service categories

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