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The Real Affect

Alison Scott

Hawker ACT 2614

Servicing area: Hawker ACT & Online

The Real Affect

Your Guide Through Life’s Adversities:

Find out what The Real Affect can do for you to make your life so much easier to handle.

Life Skills Training & Emotional Support

What Services Does The Real Affect Offer?

Emotional Support

Are you going through a difficult period in your life? My name is Alison Scott, emotion coach and founder of THE REAL AFFECT, and I can walk right beside you and guide you through it.

You will find that I can do this because I understand the incredibly powerful feeling of being supported in my most difficult days.  I have compassion for my own pain and can therefore show you the same. 

You have me to help you face the challenges that lie ahead. You can trust that I will be with you every step of the way until you feel ready to walk ahead.

Coaching and Insights

Self-awareness is the key to living life on your terms.  Most of us awaken gradually.  We are faced with a choice in each moment: do we remain asleep or choose to wake to our reality?  

You can expect me to help you understand the different emotions that you are experiencing, why they are occurring, and how to better manage them so you become less reactive and more responsive.

You will learn that real success in life comes from being able to set boundaries. You will also find out how to practise self-compassion and self-regulation so you can handle yourself no matter what obstacle or challenge arises.

Relationship and Parenting Skills

You will discover that the key to developing trust and rapport in our relationships is learning how to listen to understand someone rather than simply waiting to talk. 

Everyone wants to be seen and heard, and I understand that. You will learn how to listen so others will talk and how to talk so others will listen.

Through the practise of non-blameful communication, you will decrease the amount of stress that occurs from conflicting needs in a relationship.  By doing this, you will start enjoying more peaceful and loving connections.

How Do The Real Affect Sessions Work?

Individual Sessions

You can have face-to-face sessions at our Hawker premises. You can also have video sessions via Skype/WhatsApp and telephone. You can choose between regular 60-minute sessions or extra-long 90-minute sessions.

Couple Sessions

As above, you can have face-to-face sessions or video sessions via Skype/WhatsApp and telephone. Likewise, you can also choose between regular 60-minute sessions or extra-long 90-minute sessions.  

Book your session now so you can learn how to handle yourself when life challenges you.

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