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The En-Orgone Method

Anthony Andrews

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The En-Orgone Method

Intelligence Integration enables children and adults to improve or completely resolve a variety of learning difficulties

The En-Orgone Method - Intelligence Integration Australia

Natural, drug free program improving or completely resolving difficulties for Children & Adults with

    • Dyslexia


    • Dysgraphia


    • ADD/ADHD


    • Auditory processing disorder


    • Learning/Concentration


    • Behavioural difficulties


Intelligence Integration is a unique, holistic, and drug-free process that enables children and adults to improve or completely resolve a variety of learning, concentration, and behavioural difficulties. The entire program is comprised of two modules: an evaluation, which is focused specifically on the degree of coordination present in a person’s motor and sensory systems — followed by a physical training program that typically takes between 3 and 6 months to complete.

There are three main principles involved in the process of Intelligence Integration:

    • Learning, behaviour, and concentration occur as a result of how the body does (or does not) function.


    • The body has the ability to develop the brain’s neural networks through physical practice.


    • Better neural networks allow for better overall functioning.


Theory and Background

In the way that computers rely on electrical signals and wires for optimum functioning, the brain and body rely on electric signals and “wires” in the form of neural networks. But where computers need programmers to program new functions, the body can achieve optimum functioning by building its own neural networks. At the most basic level, the building and strengthening of neural networks occurs through repetition. With the Intelligence Integration Method, the body performs exercises repetitively which improve voluntary muscle control, muscle awareness, and coordination between left-and-right brain hemispheres.

Therefore, the purpose of Intelligence Integration training is to practice certain physical movements repetitively over a period of time. These repetitions not only improve existing neural networks but actually help to build new ones. Because neural networks are what allow people’s bodies and minds to function, better and more developed neural networks allow for better overall functioning.

Most practitioners in the field of learning and behavioural difficulties do not take into account that immature and/or undeveloped neural networks are the primary cause behind each person’s difficulty or dysfunction. Moreover, it is not commonly known that many learning and behavioural issues are a direct result of some dysfunctional system within the body. In part, this is because we are culturally accustomed to treat symptoms rather than to seek out root causes.

Another reason is that the body can function with a dysfunction while the individual is still good at many things; what one fails to consider is the amount of effort, tension, or distress that a person experiences in order to be “good” at something.

In theory and in practice, Intelligence Integration provides the framework for the coordination of 4 different types of human intelligence:

    • Physical: the ability to coordinate the body’s motor and sensory systems


    • Emotional: the ability to identify, express and modulate feelings


    • Cognitive: the ability to think, analyze, learn, remember, imagine, etc.


    • Energetic: the ability to sense and understand extrasensory input as a physiological feeling


To function optimally is to live without tension, frustration, lack of focus, or other symptoms that can happen as a result of how our bodies function. By coordinating the above intelligences through the exercises that are unique to the Intelligence Integration Method, children and adults can achieve freedom from various kinds of learning and/or behavioural difficulties.

It is important to realize that 25-40% of all people experience a learning, concentration, or behavioural difficulty. These individuals often continue to tolerate difficulties that can be improved or corrected through the Intelligence Integration Method.

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Qualification Details

Advanced diploma in (Intelligence Integration training) Intelligence Integration Institute Israel. Founder Dr Moshe Elbaum Phd.

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With over 25 years of field research and development. This unique natural & drug free program is and can be an important alternative to main-stream interventions.  Contrary to popular perception. Learning, concentration & behaviour are not directly related to a persons academic capacity.  More often that not it is the inability of the body to carry out tasks. Bilateral Co-ordination of the Limbs

Gross motor activities are directly connected to integrated communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. To examine the degree to which the two hemispheres are able to interact, this child has Eye-Muscle Control

The person in this photograph cannot focus his eyes on one point because he has difficulty with coordination and conscious control of his eyeball muscles. Because reading requires smooth, effortless functioning of these muscles, thisFine Motor Abilities

This child cannot separate the actions of his hands. Instead of being relaxed and inactive while the right hand is performing finger movement, the fingers of the left hand accumulate enormous muscular tension. This tension could tuWriting Competence
The position of this girl’s fingers on the pencil is incorrect and her grip is stiff. This compromises her graphic ability and creates a great deal of tension during writing. Because the tip of the thumb is not on the writing implementMe talking with parents and teachers at a Literacy Expo.