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The En-Orgone Method

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The En-Orgone Method

What Clients have to say

Dear Tony,

I find it hard to express in words the appreciation that I feel for what you’ve done for me. At the risk of sounding corny, I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life. Before you started treating me, I was an extremely angry person. This anger, as you’re well aware, was very harmful to me, to my wife, and to my family. What can I say - now I feel wonderful - I am now a very calm person.

May G-D bless you with continued success in whatever you decide to do in the future.


I was first introduced to Tony Andrews and his Body Balance System at the Rainbow Festival, Melbourne in March 1994.

As a Massage Therapist I like to keep abreast of different modalities of bodywork, especially those that recognise the significance of the mind/body connection. I specfically sought Tony’s help for a problem I had with my concentration.

I am currently 34, yet throughout my younger years until recently, Ifrequently experienced headaches and a sense offrustration and tension when reading or doing tasks requiring my fill attention. My head felt very heavy and clouded. I also squinted often.

Four years ago I was prescribed eyeglasses for reading and watching TV but eventually I began to rely on them all day.

Through some simple tests, Tony identified that my eye muscles were very weak and had little control. It was extremely difficult and painfid for me to rotate my eyes in a circular motion. Moving them side to side triggered a feeling of nausea.

I began Tony’s standard 12 week course of treatment during which time he helped me tremendously. The treatment was not passive, as I was given a series of eye exercises to practise as well as hand-eye coordination exercises incorporating a deep breathing technique.

Each week Tony would review and record my progress. The massage technique he performed was extremely effective at releasing the anxiety and tension that was ultimately blocking my ability to concentrate. Some emotional tension was also addressed during the sessions.

After approximately six weeks I noticed a marked improvement with my memory and concentration. I was also able to read longer without becoming tense. By nine weeks my eye muscles were getting stronger, my visual and mental focus was lucid and I discarded my glasses. I haven ‘t worn glasses since!

These are the most dramatic and measurable results after the twelve weeks. Other positive aspects have included improved confidence, a sense of emotional freedom and a greater physical and spiritual understanding of myself.

Tony made me feel very relaxed during the sessions and worked with me at my comfort level. He also knew when to ‘push’ when necessary.

I have no doubt this system is truly effective on it ‘s own, but Tony brings to it his experiences, knowledge and compassion.

Katie Russell

Tony, quite simply, helped me to transform my life. In the few years leading up to meeting Tony, my life was stagnating. I’d been diagnosed with depression, had a few different therapists under my belt, and i felt like i was running out of time to find a fix. But when i found Tony i could see he was different, and i am profoundly grateful for having found him, quite accidentally, because regrettably i don’t think many people seek out a therapist of his kind.

If i was to describe in a nutshell the experience i had with Tony and using his en-orgone method, i would quite simply say i learned how to ‘feel’ again. I didn’t realise it, but all my life i had built up intellectual walls that keep me safe, but totally isolated from my emotions. Although safe, i was terribly unhappy and quite fearful about life. In working with Tony i realised that i often tried to look outside of myself for answers to my problems, or when i did look inside, i looked in the wrong places which were always the safe places.

In my sessions, Tony was amazing. He truly cares about people, and he cared about me in a way that allowed me to feel safe enough in therapy to go into my emotional world, where i had never really allowed myself to go before - you really need to feel safe with someone to do that. But he also kept me honest and called me on things when i was being less than honest with myself. The result was that I made good progress and also came to understand how I sabotage myself or how I ‘go missing’ when things get tough.

But as a result of working with Tony, i have explored, experienced and resolved painful emotions in me that i never consciously realised i had but they were there. Such is Tony’s skill, i’m sure he saw what was going on for me from day one. But he ever told me what i should do or feel. Rather, with care, he let me discover this as i needed to using his considerable toolkit of skills and experience to facilitate my focus and awakening. The effect that Tony has had on my life is profound, and i will always be grateful for the person he has helped me to become.

As a result of working with Tony, today i feel like a more complete person. I truly have happiness and joy in my life, along with a wonderful new relationship; where once there was simply fear and ‘stuff’ that came up in my life all of the time. I have come to really know myself in my sessions with Tony, which has given me a confidence and self esteem which i realise with hindsight that i’d never had before. Now when things in life happen, i feel them rather than fear them. Tony helped me realise that life is better lived when i have access to my feelings, and he helped me realise that as a man it is totally OK to be vulnerable. In fact, in vulnerability, there is total and absolute strength. What a paradox that was. (girls dig it too)

If you read my message here and are thinking of giving Tony a go, i have two pieces of advice. First, is to say ‘give it a go’. Second, is to say to ‘take some courage and trust in there with you’, because a part of the process is finding and then facing your fears. If you trust Tony and be truly honest with yourself i guarantee you won’t regret it. The difference between me three years ago and me today is like night and day. I know I certainly didn’t regret it.”

Jason M

Hi Tony,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help over the last 4 months. I feel like I’ve achieved what would’ve taken 4 years of psychotherapy.

I really appreciate your honesty and openness - your willingness to share your own story and to pull me up on my many varied forms of denial. As confronting as the work is, I leave each session with a much better understanding of who I am.


My daughter, Fiona is 10 years old. Approximately 18 months ago she started getting severe headaches (migraines). She has needed to be hospitalized on one occasion.

Concerned about putting Fiona on more medication (she is an asthmatic) a girlfriend suggested going to the "Mind, Body Integration Centre", where her own son to see Tony Andrews.

Fiona has been to six massage sessions with Tony and we have noticed a marked improvement. She has not had a migraine in the last two months. On a few occasions she has had a mild headache.

Fiona enjoys going to the sessions, even though at times there is Pain involved, Fiona is relaxed and trusts Tony completely. During all sessions Isit in on the treatment. I am very impressed in the way Tony continually talks to Fiona , encouraging her, talking through any pain she map have and always making sure Fiona is happy to continue.

Before and after each session Tony always takes time to talk to Fiona , making sure she is comfortable about going ahead and finding out bow she has been since her previous session.

I am confident the treatment offered by Tony has helped my daughter. Fiona will return to see Tony whenever she needs any follow up treatment.

Sarina Costanzo