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the miracle frequencies


North Bondi NSW 2026

Servicing area: Bondi beach and eastern suburbs

the miracle frequencies

Arcturian healing miracle frequencies/angel and archangels healing/theta healing /reiki/ quantum dreamining  i can work on different levels of existance starting from the physical that is your temple to expand to etheric astral spiritual emotional ..each client has different needs and i use different healings for different purposes

the miracle frequencies

stabilize the flow fo the life force 

deep relaxation

anxiety and depression

revitalizing body and soul

improving sleeping

rasing vibrational frequencies and vitality

karma cleanse

chakra balancing

entity and energy blocks cleaansing

clear samaskaras

pain and cronic pain

past life traumas carried into this life

relationship issues

cords to past relationships

karmic beliefs issues 

fears phobias anxieties

emotional wonds

blocks to joy happiness aboundance love

inherited conditions and behavioral patterns

life purpose alignemnt to akashic records

spiritual evolution



Qualification Details

theta healing basic and advanced/ dig deeper/manifestation and soulmates reiki level 2 arcturian healings level 6 angel and archangel healing quantum dreaming

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the miracle frequencies