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Servicing area: Bega Valley Shire, Sapphire Coast, Eden, Merimbula, Bermagui, Tathra

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Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre

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Are you in pain?

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Mental

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  • Stress

  • Addiction to chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs inc. sugar

  • Cancer

  • Hormonal issues

  • Pharmaceutical drug dependency

  • Weight loss/gain

  • Mental health issues

I am here to tell you that it is not your fault – a lot of people suffer in silence, feeling powerless to do anything about. I have the ability to help. I have treated hundreds of clients similar to you and have helped them return to wellbeing from the inside out.


After being too numerous doctors and specialists all over the state and interstate and being treated and tested for a variety of diseases and syndromes over a 10 month period I was still no better and suffering greatly from a persistent sore throat that was ruining my health and lifestyle. I went to see Trish at Sapphire Coast Naturopathic Clinic who got me to do the Bio-Compatibility test. The test revealed that out of the 300 products I was allergic to 45 and I immediately excluded these from my diet. Within two weeks my throat had improved remarkably and after 6 weeks it was completely cured. It’s been twelve months since I had the test done and if ever I touch any of the products on the list, I find that my throat gets sore again. I would thoroughly recommend Trish and her Clinic to anyone who suffers from allergies or wants to improve their wellness and lifestyle. - Pat Barnard, Merimbula NSW

I had reached a point in my life with my health, where I wanted to finally get well. I was sick of feeling not quite 100%. I was 32, a new Mum and just generally felt rundown. I suffered from itchy skin and digestive problems and I felt tired most of the time. I’d been to numerous doctors and on every occasion, I spent more time in the waiting room than I did in consultation only to come out with a “band-aid”, a prescription for a cream or a pill that would mask my symptoms, not improve my health. I knew I needed to try something different so I contacted Trish at Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre and made my first appointment. The first thing I noticed was that Trish listened and genuinely cared about what I was saying. She saw me as a whole person who wanted to feel well. Trish worked with me, made changes to my diet, suggested herbs and vitamins among other things and within 3 months I felt like a new person. My health was Trish’s No 1 priority. Thank you, Trish for helping me regain my health and vitality. - Gabbie Stroud, Tura Beach NSW

I just wanted to say thank you for looking after my neck last week – it made such an incredible difference, and hasn’t returned at all since you used your “magic hands” on me! I really want to say thanks for the insights you offered me as to the cause of the pain as well as the treatment, they were invaluable to me on a number of levels to me and put my close relationships into greater context during a difficult time. I will be highly recommending your services to anyone and everyone from now on!! - Kind regards Adam Gibson CEO and Head Coach

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Qualification details

  • Adv Dip Naturopathy
  • Dip Herbal Medicine
  • Dip Nutrition
  • Dip Homoeopathy
  • Dip Remedial Massage
  • Accredited Member ATMS 4585

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Sapphire Coast Wellness Centre