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At The Body Balance Company, we concentrate on supporting you, if you are ill, to become well once more, and to maintain that wellness, so that you are able to be as healthy as you possible can be.

About The Body Balance Company

Welcome to The Body Balance Company

We like to call the journey from pain and illness to health and wellbeing, well-becoming.

We help you to realise your well-becoming and to maximise your resistance to illness through a process of identifying, eliminating and preventing the underlying cause of disease, and then implementing practical lifestyle changes that assist in reaching and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

The Body Balance Company is a holistic centre where we strive to support you on your journey towards well-becoming through an effective combination of Eastern Medicine (Oriental Therapies & Shiatsu) and Integrative German Naturopathy.

We take a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and treating your health concerns, whether they are minor or more serious.

Our team is made up of a highly knowledgeable, passionate and experienced health practitioners that specialise in integrative health across a variety of different fields including:

  • Disease Prevention & Management

  • Detox & Wellness

  • German Naturopathic Medicine

  • Infrared Therapy

  • Reflexology

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Remedial Massage

  • Counselling and many more.

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