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We believe in blending the best Western and Eastern therapies in your treatment at The Body Balance Company. We will utilise the best combinations for your treatment, based upon customising the therapy to your unique needs and situation.

The Body Balance Company - Oriental Therapies

Focus areas

Bloating Well-being Stress management Nervous system Digestive disorders Sciatica


Moxibustion is an ancient technique that has profound effects on your body’s physiology and circulation. It is a method that incorporates burning the Ancient Chinese herb mugwort, and applying the heat therapeutically to acupuncture points and areas where pain manifests.

Spooning (Gua – Sha)

Spooning is a great therapy to enhance circulation and to release stagnation in your body. A therapeutic Chinese tool or spoon is utilised to scrape the skin, to allow for the release of stiffness, tension and pain. Spooning can also help to ward off flu, colds, as well as treating stiffness and pain.


Reflexology is massage specifically for the feet that looks to promote wellness throughout the entire body. Modern reflexology is based upon the principle that the foot has ‘reflex’ points that correspond to the body’s meridians, structures and organs. Reflexology can produce highly therapeutic results over a range of treatments.


Cupping is similar to a massage therapy session as it looks to increase circulation and to treat deeply held muscular pain and tension. It uses special glass cups to bring about gentle suction against your skin, which will stimulate circulation in the body and can even help to rid the body of coughs and colds.

Traditional Chinese Dietary & Lifestyle Advice

We apply the ‘5 Elements’ to lifestyle and dietary advice and utilise food as medicine to balance and harmonise the liver, the digestive system and Kidneys. We will carefully assess your situation and can provide dietary advice to alleviate and to improve any digestive disorders, reduce anxiety, excess mucus and phlegm, stress, headaches, skin disorders and a number of other conditions.

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