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The Creative Heart

The Creative Heart - Healing Services

Soul Healings and Readings with Lyn

Lyn will connect to higher levels of Guidance to assist you explore;
-Why you are here?
-Past life Patterns
-Connect more deeply with your own hearts wisdom
-Assist your connection with Guides, Angel, Masters and higher self

If your feeling stuck or lost, help you find direction and increase your vibration.
Every session involves both healing and channelled information, Lyn uses a variety of tools and blend them to assist your growth.

Lyn specialises in: Reiki, Seichim, Sound, Aromatherapy, Past life, Angel Therapy, Psychic and Personal Development, and channelling higher wisdom, Liquid crystal Prac, and Hypnotherapist.

Cost $90 for a 1hr session or $130 for 1.5hrs.

Intuitive Energy Healing with Paris

Having an intuitive energy healing is beneficial on many levels. I work with universal healing energies. I can feel your energy bodies, chakras and meridians and by doing this can remove any blockages or resistance and replenish areas which are depleted. Your energy bodies are where all your emotions, thought forms, belief systems, expectations and dreams are stored. Through tuning into your energy I can connect to you on a level much deeper than just physically.
I work with colour, sound, relaxation and visualisation techniques, crystals, Aura-soma, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and galactic representatives.
When your energy is clear, bright, replenished and flowing freely, this has positive outcomes on you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
Afterwards you may feel very peaceful, rejuvenated, positive, physically more free and less burdened.
Having the universal energies flowing through you and being connected to high frequency energies can also feel very empowering, uplifting and motivating. You may find your mind is clearer and information or answers you have been searching for are easier to reach and desires are more easily manifested.

Cost $90 for a 1hr session or $130 for 1.5hrs.

Spiritual Readings

A psychic reading is tool to give you a more in-depth insight to your personal power and personal choices. Seeing the future as having options, like a road map, presenting pathways, offering confirmations and remove doubt from more questionable situations.

It can give you a sense of direction, security and Clarity. A reading should leave you feeling empowered, confident and motivated. Only you have the power to Create change in your life so why not give us a call today or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next session.

Our readers are kind, caring and compassionate people with a passion for helping create positive change. Want to know more? Then just visit our Website (add link: or give us a call to talk to one of our practitioners.

1 hour session - $90
Phone readings - $90

Past Life Regression Services

I have been taught Past Life regression therapy by Delores Cannon, and I have found it to be a very powerful healing tool. Delores teaches not only to regress people, to search out patterns and beneficial information, she also teaches us to access your higher consciousness (or higher self), so you can seek healing directly from your source. I have found this method to be quiet miraculous.

Why Should You Give Past Life Regression Therapy a Try?

Some of the benefits that can come from a Past Life Regression session include:
    Accessing Past Lives can help you have a deeper understanding of self.
    Can create more love, happiness and fulfillment in your present day life by tapping into your own Past Lives.
    Help to liberate you from Past Life influences in order to create abundance.
    Help you to let go of out grown thought forms, like doubt and anxiety, and instead begin to feel more confident, in all aspects of your life.
    Help to experience increased health and wellbeing.
    Above all leaving you feel empowered as you are indeed healing yourself, knowing you are in control of Creating your own Reality.
    Helps to balance your life and Relationships.

A session usually takes 90 minutes and cost $130. Available by appointment only, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to talk to one of our practitioners today.

Past Life Psychic Sessions with Lyn

If you are looking to heal and transform Past Life energy, Lyn can tune into your past for you, to heal and help you release, past unresolved energy. This session is great for those people who find it hard to let go. Lyn does the work for you and It's more like a reading of your past then a counselling session.

1 hour session - $90

Not sure which Energy or Spiritual Healing treatment is right for your needs? Then just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to one of our practitioners

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