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Servicing area: Seven Hills, Castle Hill, Baulkham hills, Blacktown, Paramatta, Kellyville, Wetherill Park and Western suburbs

The Creative Heart

For all of your professional Reiki Treatment, Attunement or Course services, you can't go past the team here at The Creative Heart in Seven Hills.

The Creative Heart - Reiki Treatments

What Is Reiki?

If you are looking for some tender loving care, that also balances, energises and relaxes the mind,body and spirit, Reiki is the Answer. Reiki is an established form of energy healing developed a century ago with roots that reach into ancient times.

Can Reiki Help Me?

If you are stressed, anxious, distressed, restless, exhausted, or feeling low then Reiki can help you, studies so far have shown great results in reduction in stress, pain, and anxiety. Still not sure if Reiki is right for you? then just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to talk to one of our practitioners about the benefits that Reiki can bring to your health and wellbeing

Is Reiki Safe For Everyone?

Reiki energy works only for the Highest Good of each person and can NOT cause harm. It is safe for anyone and for any situations including pregnant women and children. As Reiki sessions are considered gentle and peaceful, people of all ages can benefit from a healing treatment - no matter what ails them.


1 hour session - $90 1.5hr session- $130. Appointments available by booking only. Just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next Reiki session at The Creative Heart in Seven Hills.

Reiki Attunements

At The Creative Heart Centre we like to make your Reiki experience sacred and memorable.
Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 4 people.
The day allows for lots of questions, exploring, hands on practice and is tailored to the needs of the group.
Energy is free flowing and not structured, so when you work with energy you need to also be free and unlimited. This is why we are passionate about teaching Reiki in an environment that is non restrictive, nurturing, supportive and flexible to the needs and wants of those present.
On going support is also available for all our Reiki initiates.
To make Reiki accessible to everyone we also aim to keep prices affordable.
All our levels include a certificate and manual.

Every one can be initiated to Reiki. The attunement process enables you open and connect to the Universal Energies, It also clears and balances many important energy channels within the body, leaving you feeling clearer emotionally, mentally and physically.

Why Try a Reiki Attunement?

Each attunement received, opens up to higher levels of healing and understanding at a more Universal level. It is very easy to learn Reiki. No special background or knowledge is required, so anyone of any age can learn and practice it.

Attunements are given by a Reiki Master and there are three formal levels of initiation.

Reiki Courses - Reiki Level I, II & III / Master Level

At this level you are initiated and attuned to the Reiki healing energy. Once initiated, it allows a person to performing healing on oneself and others. During Level 1 you will learn all about Reiki, it's history, it's benefits and techniques on how to best work with it for healing yourself and healing others. Cost $200

The Reiki energy is expanded in this level and the initiate is attuned to energies that heal mental and emotional issues. You are also introduced to distant healing techniques.You can practice sending distance healing to your friends and family, even animals. Cost $250.

All the Reiki energy is unlocked when attuned to this level. A greater understanding of the energy is achieved as it is grounded more into your consciousness and your entire being. At this level the initiate will be able to perform Reiki attunements to others. One must have been previously attuned to Level I and II in order to receive this level. Cost $350.

Just give us a call, send an email or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to organise your next Reiki Treatment, Attunement or Level Training session.

We also provide Seichim healing Attunements, Level 1 & Master. For full details visit the Seichim page on the website.

Testimonial for my wonderful Reiki experience.
The more I learned about Reiki, the more powerful it was to use, it does work! Reiki is very effective; I use it every day and have been so pleased with the results.
Each attunement increased my consciousness, and expanded my ability to heal myself and calm my loved ones (including my pets!). During each of the attunements, Paris gives you so many new tools to work with, whether you are a practitioner or if you just plan to practice at home.
I feel so fortunate to have found The Creative Heart and begin my Reiki journey. Paris simply illuminates as she teaches you, she is such a generous teacher and truly awe-inspiring.
I am so proud to be a certified Reiki Master and excited to see where my Reiki journey takes me.

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