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The Earth Element -Acupuncture

 I strive to help my patients reach their health goals with Acupuncture and chinese Medicine and live a happy, healthy life.


The Earth Element - Treatments

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help with a range of issues using natural, non-invasive means.

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Benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is a widely used practice, aimed at helping to relieve pain, reduce stress, and help improve the functioning of several internal organ systems. It can be used to help a variety of health conditions including musculoskeletal pain, headaches, neurological issues, stress and emotional complaints, digestive issues, respiratory issues, reproductive health, and more.

While I love treating any kind of health issue, here are some of my special clinical interests






Acupuncture is a gentle therapy that uses tiny needles to stimulate very specific points on the body. These designated areas have increase electrical sensitivity and when stimulated, can help in the treatment of a variety of health issues. Acupuncture is a common therapy in the treatment of pain, stress, and overall wellbeing. This therapy targets the root of the issue and works to re-establish balance in the whole body, rather than focusing on symptoms.

Shonishin/Non-invasive Acupuncture

This form of acupuncture is an extremely gentle, yet still effective method that is great for kids. can be used to help balance a child’s constitution and maintain their health during these formative years. Shonishin uses small tools to stimulate the acupuncture points without actually using needles. Shonishin can be used for childhood illnesses like colic, digestive trouble, sleep issues, attention or emotional disorders, and more. Kids often find this treatment relaxing and fun!


Cupping is an aspect of Chinese medicine bodywork. Cups are placed at specific areas of the body and the pressure inside the cup is reduced by heat or suction. The suction lifts the superficial muscles and skin into the cup. This helps to move stagnated areas, release muscle tension, release toxins, and promote the flow of blood and lymph. Cupping is often used for muscular back pain and tension, but can help with healing in other areas of the body as well.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, also called spooning, coining, or scraping, is another type of therapy within Chinese medicine. A gua sha tool is used to stroke or scrape certain muscle groups, fibers, or trigger spots. This helps to relieve pain and can also help with chills, nausea, and vomiting.

Tui Na

Tui Na is a medical massage technique unique to Chinese medicine. This type of massage is particularly useful for joint and muscular pain issues such as muscle spasms, sciatica, arthritis, neck pain, and more.


Moxibustion is an ancient technique, even older than acupuncture. It involves the burning of moxa, a spongy herb called mugwort in the West. Moxa is particularly helpful to warm the body, channels, unblock areas of stagnation, and relieve pain and is often used alongside acupuncture.



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