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Live your infinite potential by rediscovering your essential self, your inner core, your innate wisdom, and your purpose in this life. Work with Rosey to build the life you truly want. Schedule your appointment online today.

Energy Healer & NLP Master Practitioner

Rosey's practise is based on her own personal journey where she experienced: 

  • Freedom from ancestral trauma
  • Healing from the damage caused by a severe rift in family relationship 
  • Learning who she really was instead of living according to others' ideas about who she should be
  • Healing her wounded inner child
  • Letting go of the belief that love and safety have to be earned 
  • Peace, balance and finding herself through family constellations therapy 

As she works at your pace, you will feel comfortable, safe, heard, and seen until you find your unique authenticity. 

Her mission is to support you in healing from intergenerational trauma and connecting with your ancestral wisdom. 

You will also learn to walk through life with healthy boundaries in place, experience love for your own soul and learn to nurture your beautiful Sovereign self.

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We are Physical, Emotional, Mental, Etheric, Sacred, and Timeless beings, and working solely on our mental aspect is not enough to eliminate stress, trauma, or depression.

Ultimately, when we want to discover our Essential Selves, we have to work on all the dimensions of who we are.

Rosey works on the holistic nature of her clients focusing on: 

  • The conscious and subconscious mind
  • The physical body where emotions and energy are held and blocked and where the nervous and endocrine systems are regulated 
  • The spirit or soul 
  • The etheric body - the energy that flows through and around the body
  • Healing through active participation

Family Constellations Therapy

When you see a doctor, psychologist, or another type of therapist, you are working on issues currently affecting your life. 

However, not all present symptoms in your life are caused by present-day circumstances, sometimes they are rooted in your family background.

During systemic and family constellation therapy, you are guided to examine both your maternal and paternal lines, to determine if anyone carries ancestral trauma, shame, hidden actions, burdens,  etc.

The process enables you to acknowledge your family's actions, illness, and cultural influences that have had an impact on you today.

Performance Coaching

This program aims to:

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Eliminate negative emotions
  • Help you transition from unclear goals to SMART goals aligned with your values 
  • Prepare you to be the master creator of your future

During her work with you, Rosey will bring about lasting changes and continued growth & success in your life.

Melodic Energy Healing

Rosey combines colour and light with sound waves, music, tapping and Reiki energy work for a powerful and transformational process called Melodic Energy Healing.

A session starts by identifying the areas you want to clear or release. For instance, you want to release emotions or effects of trauma, reduce pain or physical blockages. 


Clinical hypnosis focuses on the unconscious mind where mental processes and behaviours are stored. 

Rosey offers a 30-minute free session to discuss your goals and to see if you’re fit for hypnosis. 

She specialises in these areas: 

  • Quitting smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing performance
  • Reducing and managing pain
  • Stopping addictive behaviours and habits


As a complementary, safe, vibrational energy healing system, Reiki is painless, non-manipulative, non-invasive, and does not interfere with any medical treatments.

Rosey is also a qualified Reiki Palliative Care Practitioner who has worked with patients helping ease their anxiety, reduce effects of radiation or chemo, and improve sleep.  

Her work also includes working with animals like dogs, cats, and horses.

Rosey helps clients examine their lives and unravel the negative emotions, beliefs, and thought processes that hold them back from embracing a positive and empowered life.

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The Essential You - Counselling and Family Constellations Therapy