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The Footprint Connection

The Footprint Connection

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With more than 15 years of experience, Sand Mew is a passionate Reflexology Specialist, Feet Reader and Holistic Empowerment Mentor with a background as Naturopath, Herbalist and Acupressure Therapist. She's created her own modality called The Footprint Connection and helps exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck practitioners and change makers (including those who would like to contribute to change in the World) to get energized, focused and empowered to contribute their unique Footprint on Planet Earth.

About The Footprint Connection

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"My journey with feet started already when I was little. I didn't like the look of my feet! My mum and sister were fortunate and had these delicate feet fitting into any shoe or high heel of their choice, whereas my feet were wide and didn't seem to fit into many shoes.

Only later on my journey of exploring body shapes and forms, and learning more and more about feet reading is when I realised that all this had a meaning. Your whole entirety is represented in the feet. Not only your physical ailments, but also what you think and feel, where you've been and where you're going, your strengths, gifts and blockages are written in your Feet.

Your Footprint tells the story of your pathway to step out of where you are and up to where you're meant to be.

So I started to love my feet for being the way they were and embracing everyone's looks and shapes as a representation of their strengths, blockages and personality, rather than anything right or wrong.

Our feet represent us in our entirety – which includes physical ailments, but also our mind and emotions, experiences, gifts and blockages. Our path is written in our feet.

As passionate and highly intuitive Reflexologist and Feet Reader, I love translating all my findings into a language that can be understood by the person who the feet belong to!
This is how it lead me to create my own modality called 'The Footprint Connection'.

Our Feet tell us where we are coming from and where we need to go."

Are you ready?

...To take the time to nurture, heal & connect with yourself?

...To take it to the next level, and create long lasting change? Are you ready to step into You, the true authentic empowered you that you've always longed to be?

... To start listening to yourself?

...To finally create what you've been dreaming of all your life and thought would never come?

Sand offers 1:1 Reflexology & Feet Reading Sessions at her beautiful home clinic right on the mountain of Mount Coolum, Footprint Analysis Sessions and Business Mentoring Sessions and Transformation Packs for Practitioners and Change Makers. She runs popular 2-day Reflexology Workshop Weekends at the Sunshine Coast several times a year and her 8-week online transformational group program 'Empowerment Mastery For Change Makers'. For all details, please visit her website at

Sand Mew is a professional member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). Health Fund Rebates available.

Reflexology & Feet-Reading courses with various teachers in Germany and Austria and extensive studies & experiences from years in home clinics and at Reflexology stalls and festivals.

For a detailed list of further studies, please visit Sand's website.


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