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The Gut Guy - Natural Therapies

Gerry de Jonge

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The Gut Guy - Natural Therapies

Suffering from digestive disorders?

Than you need to see The Gut Guy who has the expertise and experience to get back your quality of life with a healthy gut.

Gerry de Jonge (The Gut Guy) is a Nutritionist with over 20 years experience.

Take advantage of the FREE gut health check.

Simply said, Nutrition is the study of food at work in our bodies, our source for energy, and the medium for which our nutrients can function. Think of nutrition as the building blocks of life.

The Gut Guy - Natural Therapies

According to the Gut Foundation, founded by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, an alarming figure of over 50% of the Australian population suffer from digestive problems in some shape or form. Besides adversely affecting your overall well being, it can also be an indicator of more severe health conditions, which is why it is essential you seek qualified medical help.

At The Gut Guy, I design the most customised treatment plans that are tailored to suit your requirements and needs. In addition to addressing your concerns, the therapy will help you get back on the road to recovery so that you can enjoy an overall enhanced quality of life.

Why is gut health so important?

The digestive system forms an essential part of the body. Unfortunately, we tend to underestimate its importance. Digestion doesn't just include the intake of food, conversion into calories and the elimination of waste. It is so much more than that.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School, there are approximately 100 trillion bacteria that reside inside your digestive system.

Collectively, they are called gut microbiota, and science has been increasingly considering how this vast system of micro-organisms has a bearing on and even positively affects various health conditions from cancer to heart ailment to even arthritis.

Included in those trillions of gut bacteria, there are about 1000 different species of bacteria, some good and some bad. Each person’s gut microbiota is different; however, there are some permutations and combinations of bacteria that are common among healthy individuals. Among the several factors that influence your microbial mix are diet, environment, genes, age and medication. For example, antibiotics adversely affect and diminish the quantum of gut bacteria.

Microbiota is continuously working overtime to digest your meals thereby metabolising essential nutrients from the food that safeguard you from illness and disease. While they produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which play a vital role in shaping your mood, they are also responsible for determining which components of your DNA stay active and which lie dormant. In addition, microbiota also plays a vital role in influencing your appetite, metabolic rate, allergies and neurological function as well. So, maintaining proper gut health is absolutely essential.

Having very high success rate in treating patients with dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance or maladaptation in the digestive tract such as an impaired microbiota) and realising the importance of good gut health as the foundation of good overall body health, I have become a specialist in treating people with digestive disorders.

I have developed an 8 step gut rejuvenation program which aims to reset the gut by adhering to a low inflammatory and low allergen diet, eradicating any parasites/ microbial infestations, healing the gut with high strength probiotics, treating with fibre and using probiotic foods to lessen the dependence on supplements.


At The Gut Guy, I provide a range of highly personalised services designed to ensure that you achieve your optimal gut health so that you can bid adieu to any digestion issues that have been hampering the overall quality of your life thus far. My services include:

Free gut health appointment

Initially, I provide a complimentary 15 to 20-minute gut health assessment. Using the information gathered during the assessment, I will then be able to diagnose your current gut health status, which will enable me to determine if treatment is required.

The Eight-Step Gut Restoration program

I have designed and developed a highly innovative and revolutionary program that has been tried and proven over the years to deliver amazing results. My service time and costs are as follows:

  • 1-hour initial consultation – cost $95.00
  • Follow-up consultation 30 to 45 minutes – cost $75.00

Standard consultation

In addition to assessing and treating gut health, I also address an extensive range of other disorders by employing naturopathic principles including immunity disorders and men’s health as well. My consultation time and fees are as follows:

  • 1-hour initial consultation – cost $95.00
  • Follow-up consultation 30 to 45 minutes – cost $75.00

Skype consultations

In case it is difficult for you to schedule an appointment because of work commitments or if you just live too far away, because I care about all my clients, you can also contact me to schedule a Skype or phone consultation.

Gift vouchers

If you have a friend or a family member whose health you are concerned about, then use my “Gift of Health” vouchers. These vouchers are designed to give someone the opportunity to benefit from access to the finest medical help so that they can get back on to the road of staying fit and healthy.


The Gut Guy has been invited to speak at numerous locations and events. These include all the libraries on the Sunshine Coast (asked back to do a second round of talks due to popular demand), gyms and Over 50's Retirement Living estates.




Call me today so that I can help you start your journey of health and wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Qualification Details

Adv. Dip. of Naturopathy
Dip. of Nutrition
Dip. of Herbal Medicine
Dip. of Homoeopathy
Dip. of Remedial Massage
ATMS accredited


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