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The Happy Chakra

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The Happy Chakra

Jeanette Hargreaves has been living in Kirra for 24 years. Taking full advantage of the world famous beach for her fitness and therapeutic regime, one of her favourite things includes beach therapy.

To walk and talk while walking along the seashore is an awesome and inspiring feeling. Experiencing the massive body of sea that inspires us to open up and become grounded.

After many years of making discoveries about alternative healing methods and the holistic approach to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues, I have come to understand that they are all interlinked.

I have been trained and attuned into Reiki Spiritual Healing energies along with Chakra balancing techniques involving colour therapy to assist in healing the body.

Colour Therapy is associated with different vibrations of colour that enter the body and may trigger the production of hormones which control the biochemical system of the body. Colour can also influence our emotions and well-being by supplying the frequency we need to keep our mind and body in balance. Colour helps the body heal itself.

The benefits of colour have been known since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese to treat ailments.

Yoga, weight training, running and an interest in nutrition has catapulted my enthusiasm to educate, ignite and guide others toward their own spiritual path.

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