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Healing Space @ Berry

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Supporting self healing through Reiki, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Kansa Facial,Crystals, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra

Healing Space @ Berry

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Tiredness Lifestyle Facial Love Mantra Aches & pains

Call me for a refreshing ayurveda Kansa facial, using essential oils. ​ Kansa Massage tools work wonders for a face-lift, stress-relief and skin rejuvenation! Whether as a part of a facial or a stand-alone treatment a kansa massage will give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before! All natural, involving no electronic gadgets or harmful radiations or even chemicals, this tool is made with the healing metal of India- Kansa, the same metals used for sacred Tibetan healing bowls. That’s where the impressive power of the tool lies- in this golden, historical metal, Kansa.Known for its amazing healing properties and electromagnetic conductivity, that removes acid and heat from the skin. the Kansa tool works to massage and relax the area, improve blood circulation and helps to energize the body and rebalances and detoxifies the skin.. People also have a Kansa painful areas like frozen shoulders or painful backs and next to gradually support relief and healing. Additional benefits of a Kansa Massage are: The sensation is pleasurable and calms the whole nervous system, Eases all sorts of aches and pains.Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group.Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and both able to rest or go out there and shine in the world. Reportedly makes it easier to fall into deep, relaxing sleep.

For those times you need extra support......

Private yoga for one or two people available, great for specific areas you wish to work on, or to tailor a routine to suit your needs.

Deep relaxation therapy for times of stress, or to get your life back into focus.

Aromatherapy and Reflexology foot massage.

Ayurvedic Kansa Facial
Meditation techniques to suit your lifestyle and to find stillness and peace.

Crystal Healing~ Balancing the chakras, a gentle form of healing, working on the electro magnetic energy within and around your body, so that your body can begin to heal itself.


The Olfactory System

Smell (olfaction) has always been one of the most important human senses. It is used to detect the presence of vital aspects concerning basic survival, such as food, enemies and the opposite sex.
The olfactory affects the limbic system in the brain and affect the heart rate, anger, fear and stress, also triggering an instant emotional reaction, related to past experiences, recalling a memory associated with the smell or instinctive pleasure or dislike.

When essential oils are inhaled, the tiny molecules are taken directly to the roof of the nose, where the receptor cells of the olfactory system are situated. Each receptor cell protrudes thin hairs, which are called cilia.

The cilia hairs register and transmit the information about the aromas, via the olfactory bulb, to the center of the brain. From here, electro-chemical messages are sent to the parts of the brain associated with smell.

These trigger the release of neurochemicals, which may be sedative, relaxing, stimulating or euphoric in effect. Aromatic molecules also travel down the nasal passages to the lungs where they are diffused into the bloodstream via the lungs.

Crystals have strong healing powers.

Minerals provide the foundation for life. They are in all living things, earth, plants, animals and human beings and they all depend on the form and balance given by the life-force energies of the mineral kingdom. Used in watches, radios and computers (silicon chips )they are natural conductors of electro-magnetic energy. When laid on the body, crystal quartz decrystallizes the knots, which block the flow of energy.They work with the body’s subtle electro-magnetic flow of energy to move energy around the body. Shifting energy where it is stuck can assist your own body to heal itself. Crystals can be used with the chakra system to stimulate glands, muscles, organs, nervous system, the immune system and meridian pathways, and have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines.It is in the etheric body that problems show up before they manifest as illness in the physical form. Crystal energy can disperse the blocked energy on this level restoring balance and a harmonious flow of life force energy.

Just as there is a mental level, an emotional level, a pranic level and a physical level, so there is a vibratory level to our life as well. This vibratory level is the most subtle of the bodies and the only thing it responds to is frequency. Crystals, Mantras, singing bowls, meditation, and pranayama create such frequencies in the body, in the personality, which stimulate, awaken and move this subtle energy. Creating a positive shift to your whole being.

The Skin

When essential oils are applied to the skin, the oils are absorbed into the bloodstream by passing through the sweat glands and hair follicles. The hair follicles contain sebum, an oil liquid that aids the absorption of the essential oil. From here, the oils diffuse into the bloodstream and are taken by the lymph and interstitial fluid to other parts of the body.

A classic example of the skin's ability to absorb substances is to rub a clove of garlic onto the soles of the feet; the odour will be detected on the breath with an hour.


The feet mirror or reflect the body, and pressing or massaging certain pressure points in the feet is a way of stimulating organs, glands, the spine and the lymphatic system in the body.

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