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Naturopathy provides a holistic approach to health, taking into consideration the body, mind and emotions and how these elements interact with each other to affect bodily function.

The Health and Wellbeing Studio - Naturopathy


Modern day Naturopathy is an integrative approach to health care; connecting scientific understandings of diagnosis, disease processes, testing and bodily function with the belief that our bodies have the intrinsic ability to heal themselves and maintain health, provided with the correct environment and circumstances. As the cause of body, mind and emotional imbalances can differ from individual to individual, our expert Naturopathic team stresses the importance of creating and utilising customised health programs to focus on the entire individual and not simply the disease. Naturopathy includes the evidence based herbal and nutritional supplementation and lifestyle and dietary advice to focus on the root cause of imbalances in the body and support the body it its ability to restore wellness.


Who can benefit from Naturopathy?

Naturopathy places a strong emphasis on prevention and is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic health conditions. Naturopathic practitioners are commonly referred to where a detailed dietary review and case history is required and unique lifestyle, dietary and supplementation advice is needed, for example, in conditions such as:


    • Suspected food sensitivities and intolerances


    • Digestive health issues


    • Weight loss


    • Menopause


    • Chronic fatigue


    • Chronic skin conditions


    • Obesity and metabolic syndrome


    • Anxiety and low mood


    • Gynaecological disorders such as PCOS, Endometriosis


    • Autoimmune conditions

Functional disorders:


    • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


    • Gynaecological disorders such as premenstrual tension


    • Infertility


    • Fatigue

Preventative uses:


    • Overweight/obesity


    • Healthy Ageing


    • Metabolic syndrome


    • Wellness checks


Our Naturopaths

Bianca Potenta I Specialist in Weight loss and Preventative Health

Anne Howard I Specialist in Fertility & IVF Support

Bree Jenner I Naturopath


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