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6 Delamere Cl Mulgrave (near Glen Waverley) VIC 3170

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Fertility | Pre-Conception Care | Maternity Services | Post Natal For all of your professional Reflexology Treatments in the greater Glen Waverley/Mulgrave area, just give Brenda at The Health Tree a call today!

The Health Tree - Fertility, IVF & Maternity Services

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Mulgrave (near Glen Waverley) Victoria

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Why Come & See Brenda?


Situated at The Health Tree in Mulgrave (near Glen Waverley), Brenda at has been working as a Reflexologist with pre-conception and fertility issues since graduating (and achieving the top student award) in 1996.

During this time she has continually conducted her own reflexology based research and has helped literally hundreds and hundreds of couples achieve their dream of becoming parents, all by using specifically tailored treatments. Many of these couples have conceived naturally after years of trying. Some also conceived naturally whilst waiting for their next IVF cycle to start, or after having been turned away from IVF.
Brenda is very familiar and with the many different IVF protocols available and used to treat a variety of issues. She keeps up to date with the changing world of IVF, including new drugs, all donor programs (for couples, singles and same sex couples) and latest techniques.

Many of Brenda’s preconception clients turned to reflexology as a last resort and are often aged in their late 30's to late 40's. On occasions, Brenda is involved in shared-care programmes with other medical practitioners, which greatly benefits the client and provides them with the Fertility support they desire.

Pre -Conception Care


For many couples, the stress and anxiety associated with failing to conceive can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. As a result optimising your health and wellness prior to conceiving a child is essential for both parents. The most common lifestyle factors that we will help to address include:

    • Poor eating habits


    • Inadequate nutrition,


    • Stress


    • Smoking; and


    • Excessive consumption of alcohol


    • improving egg and sperm quality


Each of these habits can impact on the body’s hormonal balance, causing decreased fertility in both Women and Men. Moderation in diet and lifestyle may also need to be addressed during your session, in order to help you create a healthy body prior to conception.

Maternity Services


Reflexology is particularly useful in helping deal with many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy such as:

    • Nausea during pregnancy, whether it be morning, day or evening


    • Fatigue


    • Backache, cramping and fluid retention, resulting in swollen legs and feet.


    • Constipation


Reflexology can also be especially useful towards the end of the pregnancy, as it helps to relax and get the body ready for the labour process. On occasions, Brenda is referred maternity patients from hospitals to assist in the process of natural induction using special reflexology techniques reserved only for the final stages of pregnancy.

NOTE: This type of treatment has proven to be very successful for many pregnant women who have reached full term pregnancy, or are past their due date and do not wish to be induced in the usual manner.

Postnatal Reflexology


    • Postnatal Reflexology is helpful in many ways, including:


    • Assisting with lactation


    • Re-establishing a hormonal balance


    • Assist with the treatment and prevention of post natal depression


    • Treating stress, tiredness and anxiety


    • Helping with post operative recovery from caesarean delivery


Consultation Fees


    Reflexology (Initial Consultation) - $110 Reflexology (subsequent consultation) - $85

Note: Eftpos available, small fee reduction offered for electronic bank transfer or cash. All payments to be made at end of session. 

For more information about any of the professional Reflexology Treatments that are on offer or to organise your next appointment, just give Brenda a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to send her a message



  • Hlt Diploma Of Reflexology

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Reflexology Association Of Australia

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