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Healthy Chef e-Clinic

Healthy Chef e-Clinic

Surry Hills NSW 2010

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Healthy Chef e-Clinic

 Australia's first online clinic 

Take control of your health and discover a happier, healthier you!

Healthy Chef e-Clinic

Australia's leading nutritionist, author, chef, and founder of The Healthy Chef launches a new online platform allowing you to receive a comprehensive assessment, personalised treatment plans, and detailed health + lifestyle advice from the comfort of your home. 

Our team of qualified & experienced practitioners will take a personalised approach to your health with a wide range of specialisations including gut health, food intolerances, pregnancy, sports nutrition, weight management and more. Click here to view our full list.


How it works?

In 6 easy steps, we can help you on your journey to better health.

  1. Choose your Practitioner.
  2. Book a session.
  3. Confirm your booking.
  4. Receive your consultation via phone or video.
  5. Receive dietary advice.
  6. Follow up consultations.


What the e-Clinic offers:

  • The very best Practitioners in the country including naturopaths, nutritionists, dietitians and herbalists to support your health + wellbeing.
  • Personalised programs designed for your specific needs.
  • Nutritional support + lifestyle guidance.


Areas of specialty include:

Whilst our practitioners are able to treat a wide range of conditions many specialise in specific areas such as: 

 Depression and Anxiety
 Diabetes/Insulin Resistance
 Emotional Eating
 Food allergies & Intolerances
 Fertility and Pregnancy
 Gut and Digestive Health
 Healthy Aging
 Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Gain
 Inflammatory Conditions
 Paediatric Naturopathy
 Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition
 Sports Nutrition
 Trauma and Stress
 Thyroid Conditions
 Weight Management
 Women’s Hormonal Imbalances


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