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Carmen Clark

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Holistic Health Connection

Wellbeing is a Way of Life.

Holistic Health Connection - Services


A nutritional consultation will investigate a range of areas to help you tell the story of your current health status.

How is Diet Affecting Your Health

A detailed record is kept of 7 days’ worth of food and drinks consumed to identify any mineral or vitamin deficiencies or excesses, but also focusing on the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and essential fats in the diet and their impact on health for the individual.

Any Underlying Contributors to Illness

Your environmental exposure to immune system aggravating factors such as mould, dust, air conditioning, chemicals, pollution, and pollen. Determining the effect of hours of work and sleep patterns of stress contributing to illness.

Weight and Body Composition Can Affect Health

Height, weight, and waist circumference are taken and monitored with every consultation to highlight health improvements as we work towards your muscle development and weight loss goals.

Services Include

  • Nutrition for Children

  • Meal Planning and support for Vegans and Vegetarians

  • Stress Management

  • Relaxation Cupping therapy for Adults

  • Ongoing Support & Advice for all Clients

  • Weight Loss

  • Pain Management

  • Nutritious Recipes for all the Family

  • Mindfulness & Yoga techniques for mental well-being for Adults and Children

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