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Hilary Smith

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If you're stressed, anxious or feeling immobilised because of long-standing emotional issues or life-changing events, Hilary Smith is focused on providing you with the tools you need to transform your life! Hilary has been an Accredited Journey Practitioner for five years and offers consultations in person or via skype.

Hilary Smith - The Journey

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Transformation Creativity Personal growth Joy Love Stress management

The Journey, was pioneered by mind body healing expert Brandon Bays. It provides a road-map to the unlimited healing abilities that we all possess innately. The Journey is a simple, powerful step-by-step process that allows us to access our body's infinite wisdom and elicit its own healing power, getting to the root cause of any long-standing difficulty, fear or block. At the core of this system is the belief that it's possible to heal anything at a profound emotional and physical level, resolving old issues for good and enabling you to achieve a life of absolute clarity, freedom and joy.

During the Journey process you're guided to uncover specific phantom cell memories, resolve them completely and clear them. It's as if you unlock your innate "healing ability" from deep within, then allow your body - and being - to go about the process of healing naturally on its own. You are left soaring in the boundless joy, peace, and wholeness that is your own essence.

What is Involved?

The Journey Seminars Limited provides workshops and retreats throughout the world where participants learn the deeply transformational power of Journeywork.

The first step is The Journey Intensive, which gives you tools to heal your emotional and physical blocks, so that we may access and experience the boundless potential that resides within us all.

For those who seek a deeper, more immersive experience, advanced courses provide skills and training that help to open you deeper into the profound presence of Grace, a wellspring of deep contentment, vitality, joy, creativity love and peace. This path of spiritual and personal growth is an extraordinary experience. In it you will learn to facilitate huge release, growth and healing of others.

The final step on The Journey is the Accredited Practitioners programme, which qualifies you to facilitate healing in others.

Who will benefit from these courses?

These are not courses for someone of casual interest, these are programmes for those with a deep longing for truth. It is for those with the courage to look at their own issues and heal from them. It is for those with the commitment to live and serve from the deepest and highest place.

I do most of my work from home, and have my own separate Journey room, however I am also available on skype - my address is mywaterspirit.

For more information about how the Journey can help you, or to make a booking, please call or click on one of the buttons below.

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