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The Leaders Studio


The Leaders Studio


For people who want to flourish and make the world a better place.

We all lead from where we stand, every moment our behaviour and actions can create the change we want to see in our life and in the world. Whether you are in a formal leadership role or not, The Leaders Studio has tools and resources to support you as a change-maker in your journey.

We use strengths based approaches to work through strategies and solutions to acheive your desired outcome.

"The questions you ask influence your people and your subsequent reality..."
"What we focus on becomes our reality, so we might as well focus on the strengths and positives to create more of what we want..."


1:1 Coaching

    • Fast track goals and development
    • Specialising in: mindfulness, resilience at work, stress management, growth mindset, positive performance conversations, managing up, leadership, appreciative inquiry, leading through change and transition, leading the self, perception and self-awareness, communication, communicating change
    • LSI (Lifestyles Inventory, Human Synergistics) 360 tool available
    • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) tool available
    • VIA - identify your top 5 strengths, tool available


    • Appreciative Inquiry for Culture Change - 2 hours
    • Performance Conversations - 2 hours
    • Build Resilient Teams - 2 hours
    • Introduction to Mindfulness - 3 hours (45 minute session also available if combining with other services)
    • Bespoke sessions and leadership retreats


Culture Optimisation Program (positive workplaces)

If your business or team has a clear strategy, you now require the type of culture that will enable this strategy through your people, we offer the following:

    • 12 week program
    • We work with your leadership team and employees to identify the most valued elements of your culture
    • Embed the future desired state into every day practices, in order to realise your culture and vision



Qualification Details

1). Bachelor of Commerce, majors in human resource management and industrial relations 2). Bachelor of Arts, majors in psychology and writing 3). Professional Coaching Certificate 4). Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner 5). Certified Human Synergistics LSA/GSI Practitioner 6). Certified Prosci change management practitioner

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