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The lightness Of Being You

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The lightness Of Being You

Welcome to the Lightness of Being You

Where the space to reconnect to your clarity, personal empowerment and joy of life awaits you.

Online or phone sessions available.

About The Lightness of Being You

Hello, my name is Nicole and i hold the nurturing space for your personal transformation to occur. My life long inspiration is facilitating, teaching and empowering people just like you to heal and reconnect to their essential true nature, living with a greater sense of presence and kindness to themselves, each other and this beautiful planet. I love how my work allows me to hold the space for you to experience and see your own greatness.

"To value self-care of your own mind, body and spirit is the journey of transformation into a more fulfilling, happier life". - Nicole Enge  

I offer services that focus on releasing stress and limiting thought patterns and behaviours, facilitating you to naturally move into the space of being your true self. Allowing you to experience the "Lightness" you feel when you are simply "Being You" in life.

In the outer world we all live in there seems a lifestyle of perpetual stress and mental and emotional distraction, disregarding the intrinsic value of ease, presence, simplicity and happiness in life. When you have the opportunity to live life mindfully and consciously you are empowered to change your way of life. To embrace your own truth, creating lasting changes in your relationships, financial situation, emotional health, body health and situations that previously seemed insurmountable.    

I'm grateful to have facilitated and connected with people from within the heart space for many years now, i believe it is always a special privilege to accompany people on their healing and personal growth journey into greater consciousness.

I have 27 years experience in Health and Wellness, a Degree in Health Science-Nursing where i specialised in Oncology at Peter Mac Callum Cancer Institute, Graduate Diploma in Counselling, and Certificates in Guided Healing and Meditation Teaching, amongst others listed below. I am also a registered Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and for peace of mind, an Associate Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance. 

"Within you lies a vast wisdom that your soul has come here to uniquely express and share. The time for you to live it is NOW" - Nicole Enge  

What services do I offer?

  • Weekly online Group Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions
  • Private Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions
  • Learn how to Meditate 6 week Beginner course
  • Natural Mindfulness & Forest Therapy walks/sessions
  • Access Consciousness Bars Sessions
  • Access Consciousness Body Sessions
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Teach Access Bars Classes
  • Workshops & Events
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Online Individual Zoom or Skype Meditation or Holistic Coaching Sessions


Changes experienced with Nicole Enge by other clients:

“Nicole has an exceptional ability to accompany you on your inner evolutionary journey to healing and wholeness. When you emerge knowing you have profound insight, understanding and connectedness it is gratifying. Thank you Nicole, for being part of my spiritual journey. With love, x.”
- Christine

" Nicole is one of the most genuine, gentle and spiritually balanced people i have ever met. Just being around her is a positive experience. I have recently booked her for Bars Therapy and it was such a powerful experience for me. The session went for over an hour and a half, but it felt like 20 minutes for me as i was totally relaxed and moved into a meditative state. Since the session i have found i have a more positive approach to things in my life that have worried me for a long period of time. I will definitely be using this therapy again. Thanks Nicole. " - Sally

“I have known Nicole for over a year now, and value her as a Spiritual Guide, Healer and Friend. She has a strong ability in understanding key causes that often block individuals who are in distress with their own spiritual, emotional, mental and physical reality. She assist clients to empower themselves, to connect within and let go of negative beliefs and ultimately move the client towards a true responsibility of their own health & well being. She is fun, gentle, loving and an excellent communicator. It is a joy to be in her presence…… “
- Renee

“I’ve been seeing Nicole for Spiritual Counselling for a while to help me overcome severe childhood trauma. Thanks to Nicole’s caring, gentle demeanour I’ve been able to overcome so much. Now I’m achieving things which I’ve never been able to do before. The sessions have given me the drive to keep working on myself… so I can be free to be me and not who others made me become. I will always be so grateful for how much I’ve been able to achieve thanks to Nicole, knowing I can now reach my full potential which I’ve never been able to do before. Bless you Nicole.”
- L.R.

You are just one of the most beautiful ladies ive ever had the pleasure of meeting and can I just say you have made a huge difference to my relationship with my boys, I thought it was good before but wow its amazing and is helping my eldest handle school now that he has started Prep, Highly recommend. Renae xoxo “


  • Graduate Diploma in Social Science- Counselling. Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Certificate in The Art of Guided Healing, Levels 1-5
  • Diploma in Health Science-Nursing (Registered Nurse 18 yrs)
  • Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing
  • Cert. IV in Workplace Assessment and Development
  • Certified Access Consciousness™ Bars Facilitator
  • 3 Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class
  • Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Practitioner Certificate
  • Cert. 3 in Education Support
  • Working with Children Check certified
  • Meditation Teacher Certificate
  • Associate Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists
  • Natural Mindfulness & Forest Therapy Guide Training
  • International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance

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