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The lightness Of Being You

The Lightness of Being You

Willeys Rd
Macedon VIC 3440

Servicing area: Macedon and Macedon Ranges & Online Sessions

Is there an area of your life you would like greater calm and clarity and be empowered to create change on a deeper level?


Holistic Life Coaching


These sessions focus on the mind, body and spirit.

How can a Online Coaching Session help me?
Sometimes when you are ready to create a way forward you just need the therapeutic space to have someone listen and be therapeutically supported to safely release old conditioning, hurts and blocks that are in the way. C
hallenges are not seen as problems, rather a possibility for growth and greater self-awareness and empowerment to being more of your authentic self life. 

You have your own inner wisdom and wherever you feel blocked or confused, underneath that is your innate wisdom or consciousness waiting for you. Once you are connected to that, you can live life more creatively with greater confidence, harmony and wholeness.   

What does a session involve?
The session runs intuitively to your needs. Nicole uses a variety of techniques she has learnt over her Health and Wellbeing career; Access Consciousness coaching skills, mindfulness, counselling, energy clearing, meditation, spiritual techniques.  

Nicole provides specific tools to your situation that empowers you in your life. 

Adults 1 hour $90 

Online Sessions via Zoom or Skype also available $90

I am located in Macedon with close and easy proximity to the Calder Freeway exit ramp. 

Changes experienced by Coaching Sessions with other clients:

" Nicole is a gorgeous woman, nurturing and insightful. After one session with her i felt calmer and more at peace than i have in years. Left with so much clarity and tools to assist me. Thanks so much!" Susan

“I’ve been seeing Nicole for Spiritual Counselling for a while to help me overcome severe childhood trauma. Thanks to Nicole’s caring, gentle demeanour I’ve been able to overcome so much. Now I’m achieving things which I’ve never been able to do before. The sessions have given me the drive to keep working on myself… so I can be free to be me and not who others made me become. I will always be so grateful for how much I’ve been able to achieve thanks to Nicole, knowing I can now reach my full potential which I’ve never been able to do before. Bless you Nicole." LR

Holistic Life Coaching