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The Lyttle Difference

Servicing area: Mt Gravatt and Brisbane Southside

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Achieving good health, Naturally

Craniosacral Therapy - Remedial Massage - Personal Training - Nutrition

The Lyttle Difference

Welcome to The Lyttle Difference

Hi. I am Daniel Lyttle, a Musculoskeletal Therapist and Personal Trainer. I love to help people out of pain and achieve more with their life.

So, what do I do and how does that help you?

Let’s start with my title - Musculoskeletal Therapist, broken down this just means I work with both the Muscles (Musculo) and the bones (Skeletal) as a therapist. My work or more importantly my results, can compete with Chiros and Physios.

How do I do this?

I am a multi modality therapist that views the body as a whole.

    We need to align your body and get your hips and spine straight. I do this with a powerful yet surprisingly pain-less modality called ‘Craniosacral Therapy’, releasing the cause of your mal-alignment.
  • I use Massage, some Chinese Medicine, Acu-points and a form of Kinesiology to relax and balance your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.
  • With advanced knowledge of the body and Personal Training, I can construct and lead you through an exercise and stretching program to help prevent a reoccurrence by strengthening what’s weak and relaxing what’s tight.

Acupressure @ The Lyttle Difference

Acupressure is is the art of stimulating acu-points with your finger or object (usually a wooden wand or a magnet). A westernised version of this modality is known as Trigger point Therapy.

As we rub and stimulate the point it will reduce the blockage and the flow of energy known as ‘Qi’ (pronounced chi) should get back to normal.

sports Massage @ The Lyttle Difference

Here at The Lyttle Difference, our Therapists are trained in multiple modalities to give you a holistic approach. Whilst you may feel pain in a certain location, that's not always the site of the problem. Our Therapists are trained in such Massage techniques as Remedial and Sports, Swedish, Advanced Deep Tissue, Cross Fiber Mobilization, Trigger Point, and Tui Na (a Chinese form using Acupoints and your Meridian Channels).

Craniosacral Therapy @ The Lyttle Difference

Arguably superior to the violent ‘cracking’ of Chiropractors, the cranial rhythm is thought (and recently proven through N.A.S.A.) to be an underlying rhythm or pulse (much like the tide in the ocean, but in and out, about 12 times per minute) that govern the body's soft and hard tissues.

Craniosacral Therapy is the art of reading this wave like motion to understand the position of the body, seeing with your fingers and hands where and what is tight and 'out'. Whilst reading the torsion and tensions it is quite easy and pain-less to align the misplaced bones.

Personal Training

There are many Personal Trainers, and frankly I don't mind who you use as long as you get the result you want with the information you need to achieve a goal of healthy aging. There is being fit, and being healthy, but they are two very different things entirely and to achieve your goal you want both aspects of health implemented in your life.

What makes us different here at The Lyttle Difference is our holistic approach, to not just get you healthy and fit but rather educate you on nutrition, and why it's important to do a certain exercise.

Considering we specialise in back pain and can help out with just about any issue you are facing, it's not just a service of sweat, but rather let's lose that weight so we can live longer; let's eat cleaner to be more powerful; let's do this exercise because it will reduce the chances of reoccurring pain.

The whole body is connected and you need to know that your knee pain could be from your lower back's lack of stability. Your headaches could be from an imbalance in the shoulders. These things and others, we are aware of and it's our goal to help you reach your goal.

That is our number one focus here at The Lyttle Difference.


Boxing is great for Cardiovascular and Strength based Fitness and for confidence through self defence. But mostly, it's just a lot of fun.

At The Lyttle Difference we have many clients enjoying the vigorous sweat and stress release of boxing. Every week someone new is amazed at how wrong their preconceived ideas of ‘Boxing’ is. It doesn’t have to be violent and aggressive, it can be relaxing, inspiring, and confidence building.

It can be a great work out activating almost the entire body, improving coordination and rhythm.

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