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Arthur Bablis - The MindBody College

Arthur Bablis

Suite 1
100 Gymea Bay Rd
Gymea, Sydney NSW 2000

Servicing area: Sydney, Gymea & Crows Nest

Arthur Bablis - The MindBody College

Welcome to The Mind Body College

The MindBody Co is one of Australia’s leading and most respected educational providers and professional training & coaching centre where you are able to learn, experience and implement the very latest in Human Change Technologies and improve your business and your life.

About Arthur Bablis - The MindBody Co.


The primary goal of The MindBody Co is to develop a centre of excellence in Kinesiology, NLP & Positive and Energy Psychology education. Through our group of companies, The MindBody College & The Professional Success Academy, we provide training, professional education and success coaching and…


Hypnosis is a completely safe and natural state of selective and focused attention. In therapy, hypnosis commonly involves the individual experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with their attention being narrowed down, and concentrated on appropriate suggestions made by the therapist. These suggestions assist people to make positive changes within themselves.


Kinesiology is a totally natural healing technique which allows you to achieve your optimal potential through a state of complete balance. In short, connecting the understanding of TCM & the philosophy from the East, with the Western understanding of Anatomy & Physiology, precise muscle monitoring methods are applied to highlight and to correct energy blockages within the body.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NL), linguistically as the name suggests, encompasses the 3 most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. NLP is about behavioural modelling which means that any task or skill done well (or excellently) can be decoded and replicated so that others can learn to do the same skill or task. It’s this aspect of NLP (the modelling) that means NLP is so widely applied. 

MindBody Coaching

MindBody Coaching is not another therapeutic technique, but rather a revolutionary comprehensive approach and methodology to understanding how our thoughts, spirit, behaviours, feelings and ultimately our personal development & health are fully integrated.

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Qualification Details

Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Time Line Therapy™
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Hypnosis
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in NLP Coaching
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Positive Psychology
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Energy Psychology
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in Specialized Kinesiology
Cert. Master Practitioner & Trainer in EFT
Bachelor of Economics
Diploma in Direct Marketing
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Natural Therapy)
Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
Diloma in Profesional Kinesiology
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Remedial Massage
Cert. IV in Basic Kinesiology
Cert. IV in Work Place Training and Assessment

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