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The Mindful Place

Peter & Antonella Carlini

Ashfield NSW 2131

Servicing area: Summer Hill & Ashfield NSW, as well as Australia-Wide via online consult (Skype)

The Mindful Place

Let Peter guide you into your subconscious mind and uncover the true meaning of your life.

Astrology Sessions

Astrology Realigns Your Life With Your Blueprint

The Mindful Place holds Astrology sessions in Summer Hill NSW that are aimed at assisting you with your personal challenges and development. 

Astrology taps into your unconscious and subconscious mind where all of your experiences, emotions and desires since childhood are stored. It is based on Carl Jung’s Jungian psychoanalysis which states that every person has a blueprint of their true essence and simply needs guidance to reconnect to it.

Astrology is an ancient healing system used in many cultures as it directs one to the purpose of their life. Once we lose the meaning of our life, that’s when we suffer from disease and pain.


“My first session with the mindful place was insightful and reassuring. I have clarity on my situations and I now have guidance on how to move forward in a healthy way. I am very excited for session number 2!”
- Courtney

“When I first connected with Peter via Instagram, he was absolutely lovely and after offering me a chance to have a no obligation reading done, I agreed. As I work full time, it was so convenient to have the option of speaking over the phone or having our consultation via message.

“Peter was very thorough and looked closely at my chart to discuss various aspects of my life such as relationships and other things that have influenced my career etc. I was intrigued at how much his reading matched with my current circumstances and by the end, I went away with lots of useful things to consider and implement. Well worth a look!”
- Ash 

​”I would like to thank you for the accurate reading!! It's taken me this long to find the answers I was looking for! I'm so thankful for the energy and time you put into it!!! Thanks again!”
- Silvie

Book an appointment and let your own readings direct you to your real purpose in life.


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