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Servicing area: Summer Hill & Ashfield NSW, as well as Australia-Wide via online consult (Skype)

The Mindful Place

Are you ready to work towards your personal wellness and wholeness?

Holistic Counselling & Kinesiology

Holistic Counselling Helps You Restore Your Balance

Stressed and feeling detached from your inner self? The Mindful Place can help restore balance in your life by providing holistic counselling.

Located in Summer Hill NSW, our healing haven focuses on mindfulness, which aids you in developing self-awareness and a clear understanding of your situation. Armed with this essential information, you will be able to make positive changes in your life.

Our treatment approach is a combination of alternative healing modalities, focusing specifically on your individual needs. Antonella incorporates Kinesiology, energy healing techniques and meditation into her sessions to help you gain a deeper connection with your higher self.

Peter, on the other hand, helps you gain insight into the meaning of your life through Holistic Counselling with Astrology and Numerology.

Like everyone else, you have your own journey to accomplish. It is our responsibility to guide and supply you with the appropriate tools that will support you in every phase of that journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between traditional counselling, psychotherapy and holistic counselling?

Traditional counselling helps you deal with difficult issues in your life, while psychotherapy guides you in identifying and clearing emotional blockages. Holistic counselling is an integrated healing approach that addresses your whole person to restore balance into your life.

Who benefits from a counselling session at The Mindful Place?

People who are ready to let go of the past and make the necessary changes to advance their lives will be able to develop the skills and utilise the tools that we provide them with. Our scientifically-backed methods in holistically connecting the mind and body effectively help people in finding a deeper meaning in their lives.

What conditions can you help with?

Our healing modalities can assist you in different areas of your life, including: 

  • Stress management
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life
  • Identifying your career path
  • Establishing deep spiritual connection
  • Mastering meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Connecting with your inner self
  • Developing self-love
  • Pursuing happiness
  • Metaphysical body evaluation 
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Treating codependency
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Relieving chronic pain 
  • Boosting motivation
What is an integrated approach?

Integrated means a combination of different modalities that create a holistic counselling session, which results in the client’s total wellness. Among the modalities we use are Holistic Counselling, Kinesiology, Energy Healing Techniques, Astrology and Meditation.

How many holistic counselling sessions do you recommend?

The number of sessions you need to attend would depend on your goals and specific needs. 

Can I use your holistic techniques alongside the advice of my medical doctor?

Yes. Our holistic counselling techniques work best when combined with the health advice of your medical professional. In fact, we suggest that you consult them first before making any lifestyle changes to ensure your safety.

Are your techniques evidence-based?

As an industry accredited holistic counselling centre, we apply evidence-based therapies that are supported by scientific research. The tools and techniques we use have been proven effective by numerous studies that link holistic healing to health and wellness.

Should I stop my medication?

No. The Mindful Place does not provide or substitute medical, psychological, professional, financial or legal advice. You may speak with our general practitioner regarding any medical concerns.

Are you capable of healing my condition or solving my current problem?

No. We provide education and promote self-responsibility to guide you in bringing back balance to your life. Our goal is to help you recognise your present situation and develop strategies to make positive and lasting changes in your life.

How can Astrology help me?

Combining Astrology with Holistic Counselling is an unconventional yet powerful method for connecting the mind, body and spirit. Mainstream media has associated Astrology with the 12 zodiac signs, but the truth is Astrology is much more than that. It supplies you the master plan of your life, helping you understand the true meaning and purpose of your existence.

Is Astrology evidence based?   

Astrology has been used since time immemorial by Eastern health practices like Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine. Ayurvedic hospitals in India would incorporate astrology readings in their treatment plans as helping patients find meaning in their lives benefits their health.

Is it necessary to include Astrology in my Holistic Counselling Session?

No. Each person has their own specific needs, hence Astrology is not compulsory for mind, body and spirit connection. Please advise us of your preferred modalities beforehand.

What are Kinesiology techniques?

Kinesiology uses muscle testing and other healing techniques to balance your energy. It works with the Triangle of Health model, which consists of the physical, psychological and biochemical bodies, to identify which areas in the body are stressed or imbalanced. 

What do you mean by Energy Health techniques?

Energy Health refers to the mind, body and spirit as a whole. During our sessions, we utilise the power of crystals and your energy bodies to promote balance and wellness. 

Do you consider yourselves psychics, shamans, fortune tellers, mediums, mind readers, etc.?

No. Although we respect people who identify themselves as such, we use a unique approach to guiding you in improving your lifestyle. Our objective is to develop self-awareness and gain a deeper intuition through mind, body and spirit connection.

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