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The Mindful Place

Learn how to combat stress with our holistic meditation techniques.

Holistic Meditation Sessions

Learn the Healing Secrets of Holistic Meditation

Come and join our intimate holistic meditation sessions here at The Mindful Place in Summer Hill NSW, and meet like-minded individuals who, like you, are aiming to achieve absolute wellness.

Our integrated approach employs meditation as a tool to guide you in healing and maintaining your health and wellbeing. We conduct our sessions in a relaxed, interactive and informal setting to encourage openness, sharing and mutual support.

We teach a variety of techniques; some are targeted towards your higher self, while others are designed to manage stress and promote relaxation. Moreover, we incorporate self-care techniques from kinesiology and chair yoga to help you establish a deeper connection with your energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your sessions limited to four people?

Limiting each session to four people will enable you to create a stronger connection with your mind, body and spirit. In addition, a smaller group session allows you to interact with other participants and foster sociability, which helps further spiritual growth and eliminate negative emotions.

What makes your meditation sessions unique? 

Our holistic meditation sessions are led by a certified practitioner who’s equipped with the skills and tools to guide you in repairing your health and maintaining an excellent life. 

Each student gets to enjoy a one-on-one interaction with the teacher, and learn various meditation, relaxation and self-healing techniques based on both western and eastern philosophies.

Is meditation evidence based?

According to Dr. Herbert Benson, MD, an American cardiologist and the founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, meditation fights stress. His findings, along with that of other medical researchers, show that meditation induces relaxation and returns the body to homeostasis. 

The Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have also recognised the unique ability of meditation to treat and prevent disease.

How does a holistic meditation session work?

Our holistic meditation sessions are always energetic and interactive, but no two sessions are alike. We allow energy to flow naturally and everyone to discuss and connect with each other. Our schedule is as follows: 

  • Arrival time is 5 to 10 minutes before the session begins
  • Take shoes off at door
  • Settle in, lay down mat, cushion and blanket 
  • Welcoming and orientation 
  • Holistic meditation content
  • Wind down and group discussion 
  • Light refreshments and beverages
What meditation and relaxation techniques will I learn?

Here’s a list of what you’re going to learn. It’s important to note that the techniques you’re going to learn depends on the session which you’re attending.

Meditation Techniques
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • Meditation for muscle relaxation 
  • Guided visualisation meditation
  • Affirmations in Meditation 
  • Zen Meditation 
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Movement meditation 
  • Mantra meditation 
  • Concentrative meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Sound meditation 
Self-Care Techniques
  • Meridian* massage 
  • Meridian flushing and/or tracing 
  • Emotional stress release techniques
  • Using colour cards to relax 
  • Tuning into chakras with hakra cards 
  • Writing goals and affirmations 
  • Essential oils for relaxation
  • Using astrology to understand individual relaxation needs
What is an integrated approach?

It’s the process of combining different meditation, relaxation and self-care techniques from both western and eastern teachings to create a holistic meditation experience.

Are your meditation sessions based on religion?

No. We provide a grounded, non-sectarian and professional experience. How you perceive our holistic meditation session would depend on your personal goals. Some people may use meditation as a spiritual practice, while others use it to manage stress, develop a positive mindset or relax.

How should I prepare for a session?

We encourage you to arrive at your preferred meditation session with a calm mind. Arriving 5 or 10 minutes before the session will give you time to settle in and allow us to start the commencement on time. 

Do I need to bring my own mat and blanket?

No. We provide the mats, cushions and blankets. You are free to bring your own, though, if you’re more comfortable using them.

What kind of refreshments do you provide after the session?

We offer light refreshments like fruits, vegetable sticks, biscuits, nuts, tea and fruit water. Please advise us ahead of time if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.

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