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Sascha Beck - Naturopath & Aromatherapist

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Sascha Beck is an Australian naturopath who has a 4 year Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy with a double major in nutrition and herbal medicine and a 1 year Diploma of Aromatherapy.

Sascha Beck - Naturopath & Aromatherapist

About Sascha

Sascha has great empathy for people who suffer from named and unnamed health conditions that are treated like it is all in their head because their symptoms do not match any disease that is easily diagnosed or treated. That modern medicine has not discovered a health condition or that it is difficult to diagnose or treat does not mean that it does not exist or will not be treatable in the future.

Sascha likes to base her prescriptions of herbal medicines, dietary interventions , nutrition and essential oils on scientific research and traditional use. There is a wide body of scientific research that supports the health benefits of nutrition and herbal medicine and her studies were in an evidence based approach. She is awe inspired by the traditional practitioners of Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Indigenous Medicine who were so in tune with nature that they managed to work out the benefits of different plants and treatments without double blind placebo controlled studies (many of which are based on proving or disproving traditional uses or synthesizing plant chemicals and turning them into patentable medicines).

Sascha is constantly amazed by the wide array of symptoms that people suffer from and just put up with, believing them to be normal or that there is nothing that can be done. Many of these can be helped with nutritional interventions, supplements, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes.  If you have symptoms you would like to be without please email Sascha and she will let you know if there are natural medicine interventions that may be able to help.


  • Sacred Oils ~ Sacred Self: FACIAL

  • Sacred Oils ~ Sacred Self: MASSAGE

This massage is gentle, relaxing and especially beneficial for:

  • The nervous system – special attention is given to the bundles of nerves endings that run along the spine, connecting to the brain, sense organs, muscles, blood vessels, organs and glands. These bundles are the meeting place of sympathetic nerves responsible for the fight, flight, freeze response. 

  • The lymphatic system – a network of vessels and organs that assist in the removal of toxins, wastes, debris and excess fluids as well as being an important part of the immune system that carries infection fighting white blood cells to defend against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The lymphatic system has no pump so if you have desk-bound job it may become stagnant. Lymph flows in an upward direction and relies on body movement and breathing to keep it circulating. Improving the circulation of lymph and blood helps to remove waste products and get nutrients including oxygen to your cells.

  • Head and face – extensive work is done on the head and face because so much tension is held here. This is the part of the body we show to the world and it is the part that is constantly exposed to the elements. Stress and tension are released through applying pressure to acupressure points and gently massaging the muscles – increasing circulation to remove excess fluids and waste products and bringing nutrients to the face via the blood.

  • Feet – the feet are repeatedly massaged stimulating the acupressure and reflex points that in Chinese medicine are associated with all the organs, glands and every part of the body.

  • Balancing body energies – polarity therapy balances the subtle electromagnetic energy fields of the body influencing spirit, mind, body and emotions.

  • Acupressure points are stimulated to balance the energy known as Qi in Chinese medicine.

Sacred Oils ~ Sacred Self: SPECIAL TREATMENT

(Available with 2.5 hour treatment only unless you are willing to forego some other parts of the 1.5 hour treatment)


Naturopathic Consultations

Sascha Beck BHSc Naturopathy (4 year), Dip Aromatherapy (1 year), Cert IV Massage
Naturopath & Aromatherapist
ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association Member


  • Address the whole person (not just the disease)

  • Extensive in depth consultations

  • Pathology testing where required

  • Genetic testing for clients with health conditions that are longstanding or do not/ have not responded to standard treatments if that is what the client would like to do (e.g. chronic fatigue)

  • Educate, encourage, inspire, no judgement! We are all humans doing the best that we can

  • Meet the client where they are, collaborate to find workable solutions that are doable

  • Prescriptions are primarily based on scientific research but also take into account a rich history of Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy as well as some influence from Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation: $120
Repeat Consultation: $80
Brief Repeat Consultation: $40

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Qualification details

Sascha Beck BHSc Naturopathy (4 year),
Dip Aromatherapy (1 year) includes aromatherapy massage training
Cert IV Massage
Naturopath & Aromatherapist
ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association Member

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