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Briony specialises in providing a range of professional pregnancy, birth and postpartum services to support women in the Illawarra Region.

The Nesting Place - Postpartum Doula Support

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If you're looking for professional assistance to help you along your pregnancy, birthing and new motherhood journey, then Briony here at The Nesting Place is here to help.

Providing professional Birth Preparation Workshops and Postpartum Support services, Briony can help you and your partner to truly enjoy your pregnancy, birth and new motherhood experience. With education, physical and emotional support also available, why wouldn't you give Briony a call today to organise your next Doula or Birth Support session.


Call me on 0403 006 723 to see how I can best support your needs


What Is A Postpartum Doula & Why Should You Use One?

A doula is a professional that helps women though the difficult and often confusing pregnancy, birth and new motherhood phases.

Do you worry about:
  • How you will cope as a new mother?
  • What you will do if you have a long, complicated or caesarean birth?
  • If you will you be able to breastfeed?​
  • How you will manage with a lack of sleep?
  • What will happen to your relationship with your partner?
  • How you will get the support you need if you live away from family and friends?
  • What you will do when your partner goes back to work?
  • How you will manage having a newborn and another child to look after?

Would you like to feel confident, supported & happy as a new Mother?

Pregnancy and birth aren’t just about making babies, they’re about making Mums too! When a baby is born, so is a Mother and the transition into this new role takes the support of a village.

Why Organise Postpartum Support with Briony?

I’ve been working with pregnant women and new Mums since 2008 to help them feel supported, confident and ready to experience happiness and peace in new motherhood. I would love to help you too!

I believe it’s so important to “Mother the Mother”. Quality postnatal support eases the transition that comes with the addition of a baby to the family – I see how much difference it makes with the new mothers I work with!

I support new Mums, just like you, into new motherhood with meal preparation, nutrition advice, massage, yoga, belly binding, baby massage, breastfeeding help, sleep and settling techniques and much more.

I’m an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula – which just means I follow the Ayurvedic guidelines. So why the Ayurvedic approach? Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit and the transition into new motherhood is acknowledged as a time where the woman needs to be supported, nourished and rested.

As a postnatal doula I give you the emotional, physical and informational support you need to create and implement your own self care plan. I will help you to feel confident in trusting your own instincts and intuition. We will work together to make sure you continue to get the support, confidence, health and love you need long after I go home.

For more information about any of Briony's services that are available, just click here or give Briony a call today.

Still not sure if professional Postpartum Doula Support is right for your needs? Want to know more about the services that are on offer? Then just give Briony a call or send her a message instantly to discover the benefits a session can bring to your health & wellbeing

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