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Integrative Resiliency Coaching
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The Olive Bridge/Live By Our Codes

Elisabeth Wightman

Turvey Park NSW 2650

The Olive Bridge/Live By Our Codes

Live By Our Codes supports the building of resiliency reserves, connecting, to your higher potential through accessing a unified intelligence and support system.  This interconnection of the mind-body-spirit enhances and empower more ease in meeting optimum wellness outcomes.


Our Untapped Potential

Our quality of life can be re-calibrated and upgraded, through a process of where we recognize what is out of alignment with the way we want life to be.

When we recognize what is out of alignment we can make different choices to respond to vulnerabilities, stressors and obstacles that have kept us down in the ashes.  These can then be reframed and like the phoenix we can rise above all perceived limitations while building a new resiliency muscle.

The mastery to RISE from the ashes creates deeper trust, that is anchored to respond with more awareness, ease and motivation to transcend limitations.

A new bridge unfolds and each step across this new bridge re-frames and moves us forward to create the tools and mastery to rise from the ashes.

By choosing new intentions of self-empowerment and becoming more aware of these moment by moment choices we then choose options that will be an asset and a self-investment to our highest potential.

We increase our receptivity to the codes that communicate and connect us with a unified intelligence and support network, drawing upon the inherent wisdom of the body, mind and spirit.

Our attention and focus shift to what we can invest in through more nourishment that contributes to a stronger foundation of resiliency that go hand in hand with a higher quality of life. 

When we’re able to overcome what previously challenged us and no longer allow life’s curve balls to define us, then not only do we get illuminating moments of understanding and feel so much better, we also gain a sense of…. 



 gives enough belief in yourself that next time one of those unforeseen situations occur you’re better equipped to thrive and strengthen your self-belief further. 

Ideally when resilient, we bounce back and don’t let the curve balls in life define us. 

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