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Mar 2019

The Organic Naturopath

Contact Name Monica Shepherd
Mobile 0401264801
Address Boronia VIC 3156

Your background should be peace, love and joy. By balancing your biochemistry you can start to find your bliss.

There's a vibrant version of you waiting to unfold.

The Organic Naturopath


Hi I’m Monica Shepherd. A Naturopath and Nutritionist. I have a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine and An Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and An Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. I also have qualification in Children’s Services and have volunteered as a breastfeeding counsellor. I have further studies in Iridology and Mental Health.

I specialize in helping people experiencing the debilitating effects of a wide range of mental health conditions and mood disorders get to the root cause so that they can heal, function highly and feel balanced. Diets prescribed are individual to each persons biochemistry, condition and drivers of illness as there is no one size fits all. Lifestyle factors can make a big difference along with the use of key nutritional and herbal supplements.

I have had years of experience in the health food industry and utilize a variety of methods to understand your health including Iridology done with an Iris Camera, further pathology investigation and science backed treatment interventions. Your vitality is there to be discovered.

Areas of focus: mental health, mood disorders, stress management, sleep management, children's health, thyroid function, autoimmune conditions.

Need help managing stress, sleep and mood disorders? Struggling to maintain healthy thyroid function? Trying to increase fertility? Achieve skin health? Support through oncology? I am here to help using a combination of evidence based and traditional medicine lets get to a place on your health journey where you feel balanced and whole. You deserve support. There’s no time like the present. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in clinic.

Sie verdienen Eine gute Gesundheit. Beginnen wir jetzt mit ihrer Gesundheit. Bis bald. Jetzt ist die beste zeit.


157 Scoresby Road

Boronia VIC bookings can be made by calling reception on: (03) 9839 3300.
Monday mornings 8-12.30.
Alternate Saturdays: 9-1pm.
Alternate Fridays 2-6pm.


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"To be a fully competent judge of the complaint, as to its trials and requisitions, you should have been within the charmed circle yourself, There is a sort of knowledge which only experience can give.'

- Sarah Coleridge


Testimonials, Reviews

I have learnt SO much from Monica over the years. Monica has the ability to help you understand your health, food/ nutrition and your body. Monica is not only full of knowledge but is also very empathic and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone!”
- Kelly, Accredited Practicing Dietician

“Monica takes the time to understand all aspects of your health, and so many times she has been able to find me the missing puzzle piece in challenging clinical cases that it is without hesitation I recommend clients to her.”
- Grant, Owner of Smith Street Yoga Studio

I went to see Monica for an Iridology consultation and was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge she encompasses. During the consultation she listened and addressed all of my questions, going above and beyond to make me feel valued as a client. Monica was extremely thorough and able to summarise my results in an easy to understand manner, suggesting small changes I can make every day to support my health. Her enthusiasm to achieve the healthiest version of yourself was very refreshing, she immediately makes you feel at ease and has a calm and compassionate approach. I would highly recommend seeing Monica.
- Elizabeth, Ferntree Gully

went to Monica to get my iridology done and found it to be very interesting and very accurate, she is a wealth of knowledge and really spent a lot of time explaining the ins and outs of my iris, she wrote it all down and guided me to the direction of what supplements will help me with my health and other things I need to incorporate into my everyday life. Not only does she go into the nutrition side of things but she goes into the spirit and mind connection part as well which I found great because I know it also plays a massive part in health and getting your health back on track. She helped me and my partner so much and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to find out what’s going on with there health.
- Jade, Chirnside Park

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