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Where Spirit & Science come together.

The O'Room Tantra Wellness Studio

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Our team are so proud to invite you into a beautiful space of holistic health and wellbeing! Our practitioners are committed to ensuring your  mind, body and Soul is taken care of. The O'Room is your place to simply Heal, Feel, and Be all of who you are. We offer Holistic Massage therapy, Relationship and personal Guidance Counselling, Energy Healing and personal development programs to men, women and couples. 

Anthea Balfour

Speaker and Holistic Health Practitioner; Anthea teaches the principles of living a Wild Life with a peaceful heart through the conscious awareness and application of the body's self healing process.

I help men and women overcome their emotional, physical and sexual limitations. I do this through Touch, Tantra, and Dialectical Behavioural therapy and Positive Psychology methods. With my help, you can bring your mind, body and soul back into balance and live a truly Orgasmic Life.


Disciplines & Modalities

  • Tantra Initiate

  • Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Functional Nutritional Therapy

  • Psychology

  • Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • Energy Healing

Anthea Balfour is Founder and Co-Owner of The Laureate and Youphoria™ Massage Therapy; as well as Founder of the South African NPO Cape Flats Youth Foundation. Anthea has created original protocols that facilitates her clients healing and transformational journey. She is in dedicated pursuit of creating Human-centric practices that fosters Truth, Compassion, Integrity and Love; the four pillars of life that she believes gives one ultimate freedom.


Nick Eagle | Holistic Massage Therapist

Hi my name is Nick and I'm a massage therapist. My main goal is to show you just how powerful massage therapy can be as a gentle and natural tool to improving your health and wellbeing. I specialise in deep tissue and breath work techniques that release tension and increases range of motion freeing you from discomfort and lethargy.

Eddie Foord | Y Corporate Wellness | Sustainability Consultant

Eddie's mission is simple: to create healthier, productive and focused leaders within your company. To provide quick wins, and tangible changes within your operations that yields high rewards for the growth of your business and the wellbeing of your team. He assists in cultivating an engaging work environment, protected against an ever changing economic climate. Eddie implements innovative technology that enables your staff, management and clients to feel better connected, better understood,and better able to do their job.

Krishla McNabb | Heart Open Life TV | Intuitive Guide

Krishla (The Heart Opener) Overflows everything required to stay focused, Balanced and Motivated.

Her background is in Events, Sales, Personal Training and Spiritual Healing. Krishla's Unique ability to OPEN HEARTS via Intuitive Guidance has attributed to her growing success.

Krishla guides us to feel more, Connect More and Release More of what does not serve us or our Goals; Opening Space within, for passion and purpose to grow. Living Life Heart Open.


Tantric Massage Therapy

Utilising a combination of physical touch, breath and Sound that facilitates deep connection with self; experience true sensory embodiment. Connect Back to your truest nature, feel deep into your emotional and physical body. Learn how to bring conscious attention to your inner and outer physical experiences bringing to light areas of emotional and physical blockages that are then released.


Guidance & Meditation

Get deep insight into the causes and solutions to your emotional trauma. For those suffering anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD and other Human conditions - experience deep sustainable healing through building a truly authentic and connected relationship with yourself. Discover the innate wisdom of your body, mind and Soul for complete health and vitality, gain practical tools that will transform you today.


Personal Development

Our Personal Development Program is concise, authentic and passionate in its approach to educate you in how to create life affirming experiences. including Lifestyle, health and well-being consultation, followed by goal setting practices and then learning sacred principles of manifestation and abundance, here is your opportunity to level up your life, with accountability, responsibility and results.



When Anthea Experienced Tony

So over the last two days, i've been at the National Achievers Conference 2018 - held at the Brisbane Exhibition - It was an absolute eye opener in so many ways - ways one day I will share with you!

The speakers on both days were insightful, educational, inspirational. Each guest speaker left me with invaluable information and a new sense of aspiration. It was an overwhelming few days, especially getting to be in the company of spectacular women like Turia Pitt, Naomi Simone and Michelle Bridges. I get to achieve big things in this life time, and to be in the company of such influential game changers was both humbling and awe inspiring. Why? Because Each and every one the speakers shared a piece of the humanity. Even Tony Robins!


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