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The Peace Practice


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Servicing area: Perth and surrounding suburbs

The Peace Practice
  1. REIKI - Japanese Energy Therapy. "You are so much more than your physical body, spoil your spirit, soothe your mind and find your flow with a gentle and peaceful Reiki session." Elaine MacLeod - Usui/Holy Fire III®/Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher & Peace Practitioner

The Peace Practice


Welcome to The Peace Practice

The Peace Practice was established by Elaine MacLeod in 2016 and is the foundation which allows Elaine to spread the vibration of peace into the universe and to share her passion and love for the amazing Japanese energy therapy, Reiki –

About Elaine

As a Reiki Master Teacher & Channel, through individual one on one sessions, Elaine is able to help you maintain a state of peace in your own sacred world and space. Utilising a range of gentle vibrational transmissions of energy, she will help you to connect with your inner self and assist your physical body to initiate its own innate knowledge of healing and self-balance.

It is Elaine's deepest hope that through the sharing of these peaceful energy transmissions with others, she will be able to ignite, inspire, activate and help connect individuals to their inner selves. This connection brings one to live in a sense of peace. Peace of heart, peace of self, peace of humanity.

Elaine offers all levels of Reiki Training in small group classes or one on one on request.  Please contact for more information on Course outlines and dates.


Experience Reiki if you are:


    • Tired


    • Anxious


    • Emotional


    • Stressed


    • Experiencing life or family difficulties


    • Unbalanced, scattered or feeling disorganised


    • Suffering from declining health


    • Compromised in maintaining regular sleep patterns


    • Feeling constant sadness or suffering from depression


    • Struggling with illness or disease


    • Undergoing traditional health treatments (i.e. chemotherapy)


    • A carer for others


    • Constantly overwhelmed with no time for yourself

Working with Reiki can improve:


    • the body's ability to align itself back to health


    • heart rate and blood pressure


    • stress levels and the overproduction of stress hormones


    • and help initiate the relaxation response

Reiki helps release tension and stress from the entire system as it restores the unique balance we have between our minds, bodies and spirits. In a calm, relaxed state we are able to activate our natural healing mechanisms to function more harmoniously. The Peace Practice invites you to book a Discovery Session with Elaine and find out how to bring this beautiful energy into your life.


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Qualification Details

Usui / Holy Fire IIIŽ / Karuna ReikiŽ Master Practitioner & Teacher
Spiritual Healing

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