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Ask yourself, what do you want to change? The Pensieve Place’s Hypnotherapist, Nicola Joanne can help!

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Change occurs with the help, assistance and guidance of Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Past Life Therapy and NLP Coaching. Change starts and ends with you. We will work with your conscious and unconscious minds.

The kinds of things people want to change:

  • their attitude to food

  • their weight

  • job

  • health

  • financial situation

  • general outlook on life

  • their limiting beliefs that hold them back

  • their mood

  • their motivation

  • their fears/phobias

  • their negative emotions from the past

  • their future

The list is endless!

You’ve probably heard the saying; change your mind, change your world. I can help you do just that.


Harness the power of your mind – it’s a very power tool.

Hypnosis is not power over another, it is a two person collaboration for a common end, with the outcome being rapport with the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy involves complete mental and physical relaxation. Once your conscious mind is at ease, we communicate with your unconscious mind using your words. Your unconscious mind stores your blueprint of perfect health, it can heal your body. All change that occurs is made at an unconscious level - you just have to know how to access it.

Hypnosis is the connection with your ‘unconscious mind’ – if you’re ready to harness the power of your mind to create change in your life, I can help!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP works with neurology, language and programming and is the study of excellence to achieve specific and desired results, i.e change.

NLP is a way to uncover your potential choices and what you perceive as available in the world around you. Excellence stems from having a range of choices, Wisdom is derived from having multiple perspectives. You’ve heard the saying, ‘if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’. This is NLP.

Neuro: The nervous system (the mind) through which our experience is processed via our five senses:

  • Visual

  • Auditory

  • Kinesthetic

  • Olfactory

  • Gustatory

Linguistic: Language and nonverbal communication systems through which our internal representations are coded, ordered and given meaning which includes:

  • Pictures

  • Sounds

  • Feelings

  • Tastes

  • Smells

  • Self Talk

Programming: Understanding the programs that we run, and how we communicate with ourselves and others to achieve our desired outcome.

Call me to chat about how we can use NLP to achieve your desired outcomes.

Time Line Therapy ™

Time Line Therapy™ is the process of active imagination. You imagine your life as a time line and actively go about clearing/deleting all negative emotions from the past. You can also insert positive memories (goals) onto your future time line.

The past is our best teacher. We can all learn from the past, but we don’t need to keep revising the material. When we do, our education doesn’t advance. Learn, and then let go. This is Time Line Therapy™. As we get older, our reactions to present events are reactions to collections of past memories. The present plays a very small part in our behaviour. So to change our behaviour/reactions we must change the past with Time Line Therapy™.

The Time Line Therapy™ process addresses the root cause of the issue, allows you to gain learning, and then let go of the negative emotions attached to it, making future changes easier. You don’t go back and re-live event after event that has caused negative emotions in the past with Time Line Therapy™. You simply notice them. You don’t need to relive the experience and the negative emotions.

Time-Line Therapy™ allows you to:

  • let go of the negative emotions of: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt, plus any others we have uncovered

  • eliminate all limiting decisions/beliefs you have about yourself that consciously or unconscious are stopping you from living the life you deserve and desire

  • move you from procrastination to motivation

  • change any minor behaviours/bad habits to new positive habits/behaviours

  • change any ‘likes’ to ‘dislikes’ regarding food if required

  • integrate any parts of you that are in conflict and not congruent with your outcome

  • cement the changes using hypnosis together and insert suggestions, using your words

  • set SMART goals for 3,6,9 mths, 1,3 & 5 yrs and insert them into your future time line

It is a life changing process.

Past Life Therapy

Do you believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not human beings having a spiritual experience?

Or are you unsure?

Maybe you’re just curious about past lives?

If you have unexplained fears and phobias, find yourself drawn to certain periods in time or locations or have ever been to a place for the first time and sensed you have been there before, or met someone you felt you have always known, Past Life Therapy can throw light onto these feelings.

Past Life Therapy is very similar to a guided meditation, with the goal being visual, kinesthetic and/or auditory past life recall. Some clients see their visions like a movie, others have a sense or feeling of what is happening and others hear what is happening. It is very likely you will have a combination of senses. I will guide you.

You can experience your past lives fully associated into the event, meaning you will see what you saw, feel what you felt and hear what you heard. Or you can choose to watch it like a movie, and see yourself in it. It is your choice, your life.

Many people will access their guides, have a spiritual experience with a passed loved one and briefly experience the ‘soul state’, the place we go in between lives. It is truly remarkable.

How is it therapy?

Recalling your past lives and the significant events within them, unlocks learnings that allow you to let go of the negative emotions that were attached to those events, much like Time Line Therapy®. Freeing you from carrying them through to your current life.

It is a fantastic process that amazes me every single time. The more relaxed you are the more detail you will receive. Details like names, places, times, dates, are a great way to validate your experience. Most clients go home and google themselves, pretty amazing hey.

Soul Mate Regression

Are you still waiting for your soul mate? Do you wonder if the person you are with right now is your soul mate? Can you have more than one soul mate? Absolutely!

This 2hr Soul Mate Regression Session, addresses the physical you, mental you, emotional you, and spiritual you.

You will experience an emotional baggage release exercise, an attraction exercise and assistance to discover what you want in a soul mate. Plus you will meet your soul mate in the regression.

This session does not guarantee that you will meet your soul mate immediately. What it will do is free you from past issues, help you understand what you want in a soul mate, prepare you to be ready to attract them and importantly let you meet them in a regression, a deeply relaxed state. You may feel happier, lighter and content that love is on the way.

A Past life Therapy session is also beneficial to discover if your current relationships/soul mates had featured in your previous lives, it will assist with answers to so many questions you have.

For more information about any of the therapies offered at the Penseive Place, call or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message Nicola. Alternatively, visit the Penseive Place website

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