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About Leanne
Member since
Oct 2005

The Pet Practitioner

Online consult available
Contact Name Leanne Wilson - DipAlHom BHSc
Mobile 0402 313 180
Address Mobile Service - Sydney metropolitan area NSW 2000
Servicing Areas Mobile Service - Sydney inner west, southern suburbs and eastern suburbs, New South Wales; Phone consults throughout Australia

Natural Health Solutions For Your Pet

The Pet Practitioner

Hi, I'm Leanne Wilson and my business The Pet Practitioner offers health consultations for your pet in your own home or by phone consults.

I provide natural therapies for physical and behavioural problems in animals that are safe and easy to administer - including homeopathy, nutritional therapy, tissue salts and Bach Flower remedies. Dogs, cats, horses, other mammals and birds all respond favourably to homeopathic treatment and supplements.

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For more information about my services or to organise an appointment please contact me on 0402 313 104

Health Problems That Respond To Natural Therapies

Ear infections, skin allergies, pyroderma/hot spots, gastritis/vomiting, enteritis/diarrhoea, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, skin growths and tumours, osteoarthritis, eye inflammation, hypothyroidism, and diabetes.

Anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviour; fear aggression; depression; re-homing of rescue animals; grief; adapting to a new animal or baby arriving in the home; fretting when alone; ease fear and stress when travelling (car, plane); or if being boarded during holidays.


Depending on where you live I can provide either a home consult or a phone consult.

Home Visit Package $130 - includes:

  • A homeopathic consultation including one prescribed medicine
  • Advice on recommended supplements
  • Diet and nutritional advice where appropriate
  • A follow-up review by phone two weeks later

I reside in Arncliffe and provide home visits around this area including the inner west and some eastern suburbs.

Consultations conducted as home visits allow me to see your pet's normal behaviour. It also means that your pet is in a relaxed state and you don't have the hassle of transporting. During the initial consultation the animal's health history will be taken, including any test results received from your vet. The specific symptoms of your pet's condition and any background information ro events leading up to the illness will be explored.

A homeopathic medicine will be prescribed and changes to the animal's diet and/or supplements will be recommended if required.

Follow-up consults will be organised as necessary, dependent on the case.



Phone Consult Package $110 - includes:

  • A homeopathic consult by phone
  • One prescribed medicine posted out to you via Express Post
  • Advice on recommended supplements
  • Diet and nutritional advice emailed to you when appropriate
  • A follow-up review by phone two weeks later

This package is available throughout Australia.

Prior to the phone consult I may ask you to text or email photos of your pet, and their condition if visible e.g. skin problems; and forward any relevant medical test results.

I will phone you at the allocated time and go through your pet's health history. The specific symptoms displayed - mental and physical - and any background information or events leading up to the illness will be taken into consideration.

A homeopathic medicine will be prescribed and posted out to you, and changes to the animal's diet and/or supplements will be recommended if required.

Follow-up consults will be organsied as necessary, dependent on the case.


Payment is required at the time of consult by Australian Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card, bank transfer, or cash.

If more than one homeopathic medicine is required the cost is $20 for each additional medicine.

Qualification Details

  • Diploma of Animal Homeopathy, STFCAH
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Charles Sturt University
  • Diploma of Classical Homeopathy, Naturecare College
  • Professional member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA)
  • A.R.O.H. registered

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