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The Pillar Code

The Pillar Code

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With the stresses of everyday life, many people have lost sight of how to truly live a life of health and happiness. The Pillar Code seeks to support you in living a connected life, a calm mind, and a clear body. For more information on their programs, call them today at 1800 872 888 or email

Transforming Lives, Minds and Bussinesses

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The Pillar Code is a holistic training organisation dedicated to the development of resilience and wellbeing around the world. 

A feeling of frustration and disconnection from life seems to have led to many people losing clarity, control, and confidence. As a result, many are experiencing poor health, relationships, careers, and financial problems.

When you understand what, why, and when a negative pattern was created, you can be in the NOW. You will receive the tools to manifest the ideal future you really desire after seeing what your past life has manifested for you.

Through its unique holistic programs, the Pillar Code offers individuals, leaders, and businesses the opportunity to experience a healing journey with complete health and happiness.

Services Offered

The Pillar Code

The Pillar Code is a holistic treatment system encompassing life, mind and body. Using this technique, you can lift into your greatest consciousness, which is crucial for living a life of Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity.

This program is beneficial to everyone, but especially those who are:

  • Exhausted from living without control, calm, or confidence
  • Trying to take your life to the next level and searching for the best tools to assist you
  • Struggling to connect to your sense of purpose despite feeling completely certain of it 
  • Searching for happiness or life purpose
  • Willing to work with a fully licensed practitioner

The treatment covers three main areas - Acceptance, Awareness and Gratitude. In a nutshell, you take on a “Journey of Healing”, from “Reliance to Resilience”, putting you in command of your life while watching your manifestations come to fruition.

The 12-week program includes: 

  • 12 hours of treatments over 12 weeks (2 x 30-minute sessions per week)
  • Self-empowerment tools and techniques
  • Blocks shifting on the deepest level of your subconscious/unconscious
The Corporate Code

A signature program of The Pillar Code, The Corporate Code is a program designed for organisations and leaders to stop the negative effects of stress and make exciting leaps forward.

You and your business (or project) will walk through a structured 12-Step Program, delivered by a Licenced Corporate Code Practitioner who will deliver information and guidance specific to your business to you, your team, and relevant departments.

Through each step of The Corporate Code, you gain Clarity, Control, and Confidence to take your business to the next level. Through the process, you can enable success for all in your organisation by creating the ultimate positive change. You’ll see improvement in your leadership capabilities and business growth.

The program includes: 

  • 6 months of guidance and support.
  • 9 workshops, either on Zoom or in-person.
  • 3 Review, Repair and Reset sessions, either on Zoom or in person
  • 1 Business repair session, either on Zoom or in person.
  • A full business plan.
  • Tools and techniques to improve your business by reducing stress, increasing joy, productivity and profits.
  • 9 structured tasks.
  • Shifting of blocks at the deepest levels of your business
  • Practical advice and support
  • Specific unique information
  • Results-based program
  • Accountability and follow-up

Testimonials from Previous Clients

“Absolutely "spot on" reading of body and challenges in the first session and confirmed things I knew but couldn't find a therapy that could put the pieces of the puzzle together, until now.  Thanks Damian, super happy!!!” - Heather Passant

“The information and healing that GEORGE has gifted PJ and The Pillar Team is simply amazing! This program has allowed me to see the truth of myself and my life. I feel amazing and am making choices in my life that I only dreamed of before.” - Kimberley Pricolo

If you’re interested in learning more about creating positive change, book a free 25-minute clarity call today!


5 Services

The Connection Code

2hr 15min
Life Coaching Mindfulness Holistic Counselling Energy Healing Online Wellness Coaching Online Life Coaching Mindfulness Holistic Counselling Energy Healing Online Wellness Coaching Online
$375 Per course

The Connection Code is our taster program, designed to provide you with a feel of The Pillar Code, while experiencing some amazing changes in your life. Conducted in the comfort of your own home/office via Zoom or phone, the program consists of 3×45 min.

The Creators Club

Mindfulness Workshop Mindfulness Online Energy Healing Online Life Coaching Online Workshop Online Mindfulness Workshop Mindfulness Online Energy Healing Online Life Coaching Online Workshop Online
$38 Per course

The Creators Club, The Pillar Code Private Membership Group. Our unique membership group brings people together who are passionate about Goal setting, taking Action, Manifesting and putting Energy into achieving a magnificent life.

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  • Licenced Pillar Practitioner
  • Licenced Corporate Code Practitioner

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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