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The Potential Factor

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The Potential Factor

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About Julia

I feel lucky to have enjoyed a diverse career with over 20 years in the corporate sector as a Communications Manager, a Project Management Professional and a Change and Stakeholder Relations Manager in mostly heavy industry. I have also worked and volunteered in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector doing large scale fundraising and sat on local government, industry and NFP Boards.

I also feel very blessed to have the most amazing partner, with whom I have brought up two wonderful young people who are now working towards their independence, goals and dreams.

A lot of my working life has been in male-dominated work environments where I endured some really poor and ineffective examples of leadership, which shattered my confidence and led me to believe that I needed to compete to get ahead and work and behave like a man in order to gain recognition and respect. I was a working mother with young children and I honestly felt that showing that I had maternal interests back home and showing my feminine side was a weakness and that I would be disregarded at work. Because in all honesty I witnessed some very misogynistic behaviour that backed up these fears.

What is the Potential Factor

Our mission is to support and work with you to help you uncover and realise YOUR Potential Factor ©.

Whether you are a business owner or professional, a stay at home mum, frustrated with your life and wanting to reinvent yourself, or simply someone who knows that you are meant to be a leader in your own life … whatever the change you are seeking – we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you are looking for.

Are you:

  • shouldering a lot of everyday responsibility and feeling like you can’t maintain the energy to keep everything running.

  • in a relationship that’s lost its spark and you don’t know whether you should continue to work on it and stay, or whether it’s time to go.

  • really wanting to be a leader in some way (at work, at home or in the community) but people aren’t inspired to follow you. Sometimes you wonder if people even notice you.

  • secretly holding a goal or dream and feel stuck in fear so that you’re not able to move forward with what you really want to do. You are tired of not living up to your fullest potential.

  • Single, but you really want to be in a healthy, loving relationship. You’re not attracting the “right” type of partner and you’re not feeling attractive and noticed.

  • Feeling unmotivated and lost. You want to get out of the quicksand and back into living.

Chances are that if you’ve found this page, then one or more of the above hits home for you in a big way.

It’s time to step out of your shadows and find your Potential Factor.

Do you want to be:

  • Respected and noticed in a BIGGER way in business

  • Have the ‘right’ people notice and tune into your presence

  • More confident

  • Learn how to stop projecting and pushing to be noticed and attract more of the ‘right’ attention

  • More empowered

  • Transform your relationship with fear and embody your authentic confidence – whatever the situation.

  • More visible and fulfilled

  • Create with greater intimacy and develop more fulfillment in your relationships

  • Making more impact and increase your income

  • Learn to turn on your magnetic presence and how to hold an authentic confidence, no matter what, and be seen as more valuable and more credible to an employer and/or to clients.

  • less stressed and have greater intimacy


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