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Shauna Shaw
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Welcome to Therapeutic Colonics!
Gut health Solutions

The mission of Therapeutic Colonics is to support your experience using colonic irrigation, education and healing. Passionate about gut education and unique support for each client in their wellness/healing journey.

Therapeutic Colonics - West End


Why Choose Therapeutic Colonics?
Theraputic Colonics incorporates education to create understanding and awareness of the human digestive system. Therapeutic Colonics utilizes a gentle soaking method to gently hydrate and remove wates material from your colon. There is no odor as this is a closed system and waste gently flows away directly through a tube.  We assist with addressing you own microbiome uniqueness and working to support your lifestyle, detoxing programs and more.

Theraputic Colonics philosophy is one of continued education, professionalism, service and self responsibility. The mission of Theraputic Colonics is to support you in the healing journey. We have a commitment to furthering education and knowledge of the amazing field of the digestive system that profoundly affects so many parts of our body and our health.

Therapeutic Colonics has a TGA aaproved system, which is a closed system with all disposal equipment single use and PBA FREE.

Theraputic colonics offers Herbal implants with colonics as an extra. Feel free to inquire about our implants at your first consultation

Consultations: Allow75 min per session. Your time on the table will be around 45-50 minutes.

After: Generally you will feel quite normal. Most clients say they feel relaxed and comfortable. Some clients report more energy but most report they experience sleep improvement and clearer thinking.


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Therapeutic Colonics - West End