Therapeutic Cellular Journey

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Vibrational Sound and Biodynamic Cranial Touch 


Energy work for relaxation, balancing, grounding, Growth and Change.

Therapeutic Cellular Journey


Carol uses Vibrational Sound and Biodynamic Cranial Touch to help you relax into a meditative, quiet place where your body can slow down, mind can still and stress unwind.

In this still place your body will naturally begin to correct itself as your energy moves towards balance at a deep level.

Energy may unwind, emotions bubble up to be released, memories stir to come to peace.

This therapy can be used simply for RELAXATION; for BALANCING, GROUNDING; or as an aid for GROWTH and CHANGE through being present with yourself.

It is an extremely nurturing experience.


Vibrational Sound

Carol uses her voice to bathe you in sound : toning, harmonics, song, chanting, which arise spontaneously in response to your energy. This is often accompanied by gesture and movement, bathing your energetic field.


Biodynamic Cranial Touch

Is a quiet hands-on energy work that aims to promote deep stillness and restore the body's natural state of wisdom and harmony.

In this place your body begins to dynamically move towards balance. It encourages a deeply meditative state that can be very relaxing and nurturing, but also assist healing and transformation to begin. 



My name is Carol. I have a background in Steiner Education, creative arts and the exploration of healing.Over my life I have studied a variety of techniques including Polarity Therapy, Linn Transcadence Massage, QiGong Massage, Psychic Healing, Touch for Health. Recently I have studied Biodynamic Cranial Touch. Through all these experiences I have come to the conclusion that healing arises when we release deep emotional pain that we have gathered thoughout our lives. The techniques I now use aim at connecting you with what lives inside you at a deep level to be lovingly seen and released.


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Therapeutic Cellular Journey