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Jun 2004

Therapeutic Planet

Contact Name John Warouw
Phone 02 6259 1415
Mobile 02 6259 1415
Address Lvl G, 3 Zelman Pl
Melba ACT 2615
Servicing Areas Melba, Australian Capital Territory
Fax 02 6259 1432

John Warouw, a Naturopath with over 20 years experience, can assist you with nutritional advice and recommend options towards a balanced diet that suits your lifestyle and palate. Thorough and current.

Naturopathy - Therapeutic Planet Canberra

A naturopath is a specialist trained in distinct treatment modalities that use non-invasive assessment techniques and complementary natural medicines.

As the naturopathic practice is the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, the naturopath's role is to promote the natural healing powers of your own body, by working with you.

What to Expect

Your consultation will commence with an overview and understanding of your current health. I will ask you questions about your health history and if required we will do a few non-invasive tests.

I aim to develop (with you) a treatment plan tailored to both your personal and financial situation, so you are never subjected to unnecessary purchases.

Together, we learn from your health history and current health status. I will share our knowledge about health conditions and recommend a way forward to better your health in the areas that you seek to address.

You will receive advice about your current regime, I will aim to answer as many of your questions as I am equipped to. The consultation will leave you informed and empowered, armed with a treatment plan covering the following:

  • life style

  • dietary intake

  • supplementation

  • over the counter medicines

  • gastrointestinal tract maintenance, and

  • herbal formulae to address health conditions that you may seek to improve, just to name a few.


In some cases we recommend that you supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals to complement your dietary intake or to address areas of your current health profile that you may want to address.

Herbal Medicine

To alleviate or prevent certain conditions or balance bodily functions it may be appropriate to treat with herbal formulae.


Lifestyle also plays a key role in feeling well, as such I treat the whole person. 

You’ll walk away informed on how you can address any specific health issues or symptoms you may have; improve areas of your health that you are not happy with, or simply verify that you are doing the right thing.



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