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Therapies for Transformation

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Chinese Medicine is a complete system of ancient healing drawing on 5000 years of history.

Therapies for Transformation - Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a complete system of ancient healing drawing on 5000 years of history. It looks at the relationship between our environment (macrocosm) and our body,mind,spirit (microcosm) and the influence on our health. Chinese Medicine addresses the root cause of illness, tailoring the treatment to what is happening within you, providing a strong emphasis on dietary & lifestyle support.

Chinese Medicine incorporates Herbal medicine, Massage, Dietary & Lifestyle advice, Cupping, Gua sha, Moxibustion and Acupuncture.

All aspects of Chinese Medicine focus on restoring balance to the body through the principles of yin, yang and qi. "Qi" is the vital energy force that allows us to think, feel, work, breathe and move. If the flow of Qi, or yin and yang become unbalanced, either through physical, emotional, mental or environmental factors, illness can occur.

Chinese Medicine effectively treats the body, mind, spirit as a whole and is suitable in reducing pain & inflammation, enhancing recovery, supporting proper sleep function, promoting energy levels, balancing emotions & the nervous system; reducing anxiety, depression & stress levels, regulating digestive health, strengthening immunity, improving skin health, balancing gynecological & hormone functions, supporting men's & women's health, assisting fertility & IVF, pregnancy, birth preparation, post birth, miscarriage prevention and promoting good health. All treatments are tailored specifically to your needs.

Initial Treatment: $125 (1.5 hrs)

Follow up Treatment: $90 (1 hr), $105 (75 min) $125 (1.5 hrs)

Women Workshop, Autumn Harvest, the Journey within", Sunday 27th April, 12.30-4.30, $120pp. Click here for more information.

Qualification details

  • Bachelor Chinese Medicine with Honours (Acupuncture/Herbs),
  • Diploma Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies,
  • Certificate Holistic Counseling,
  • Lvl 2 Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing,
  • Certificate Tuina (Chinese Remedial Massage),
  • Certificate Flower Essences 2,
  • Certificate Reiki 2,
  • Certificate Theta Healing,
  • Registered Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  • AHPRA and ATMS Member.

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Healing invites us to bring all parts of ourselves into the light. Leaving nothing in the dark. Embracing all parts we've ignored, denied or eliminated, Surrendering to something greater. Accepting ourselves as who we are completely. Healing allows us to embody this in heart, soul, mind and in our lives. Enabling us to navigate through the darkness, Into the light. Integrated as one whole.

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