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Chris Allen Therapies For Wellbeing

Chris Allen

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Chris Allen Therapies For Wellbeing
With over 20 years of professional experience in remedial massage and natural therapies, I can help you find your balance by relieving stress and effectively treating a wide variety muskuloskeletal conditions. I enjoy interacting with my website visitors and welcome you to e-mail me any questions you may have. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can

Chris Allen Therapies For Wellbeing

This type of therapy is useful for the treatment of scoliosis or long term postural imbalance causing pain in feet, lower back and upper body.

It starts with a postural assessment using methods such as observation of gait, muscle testing and massage to highlight the areas that need to be relaxed and/or strengthened, and follows up with the appropriate treatment.

In biomechanics, balance is an ability to maintain the line of gravity (vertical line from centre of mass) of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway, which is the horizontal movement of the centre of gravity even when a person is standing still. This is equally applicable to inanimate objects and people, so having proper posture and keeping a strong core are the key to maintaining a pain-free body.


Postural imbalance is the result of consistent bad posture in our daily lives. Having a desk job, sitting for long periods, hunching over the laptop, slouching while walking, working with heavy tools, and bad sleeping posture all cause our muskuloskeletal system to attempt to compensate the imbalance, which then increases the strain suffered by the corresponding areas of the body.

It is a slow process that exacerbates over long periods of time, so it's not uncommon for people to simply get used to the indicative aches in areas such as the back, hips, knees and neck, and dismiss them as simple stress. Unfortunately, if left untreated, postural imbalance can cause systematic pain across the body that can seriously diminish a person's ability to enjoy an active lifestyle to the point that it eventually becomes difficult to even perform simple everyday tasks.

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Qualification Details

  • Diploma of Therapeutic Massage
  • Diploma in Bowen Therapy
  • Cert. IV in Assessment & Workplace Training
  • Cert. IV Competency in Fascial Kinetics
  • Cert. III in Smart Bowen Therapy
  • Cert. in Bowen Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cert. in Reiki Healing
  • Cert. in Touch for Health
  • Cert. in Sports Massage
  • Cert. in Spiritual Healing

Chris Allen Therapies For Wellbeing